mandag den 5. september 2016

Trouble in Z town

Just like all we painters have tasted paintwater, or cleaned our brush in a cup of coffee. Sigh... Though with my current set up it has really helped!

Using my tablet more and more as my pc is breathing its last I fear. Also the reason why my blogposts have been erratic. Sorry about that guys/gals/stalkers. I have some stuff to sort through and show you. In this post my Frostgrave warband has been updated. In the coming blogposts I intend to give of some survival tips from days gone by. And a competition where you can win miniatures from WASTEMAN .

Top left 2x thieves, marksman, tracker, aprentice, 2x minor demons. Next row, major demon, barbarian, treasure hunter, infantry man, dog and 2 imps. 4 treasure tokens and at the front my summoner. He is currently level 6.

As mentioned there will be a competition soon from Wasteman/Thunderchild miniatures. Kindly donated by Jason who i the madman behind Thunderchild. Watch this space!
 And now I wish to show you the main reason that I do not get much painting done, well besides work, sleeping and that stuff.....

 Take care out there in the real world

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  1. De er nu nuser... altså de mopser... dit warband... det sku bare ha nogen tæsk!

  2. War band for frostgrave is progressing nicely. I can totally understand Pooch cuddles they are extremely important!

  3. Of course doggy cuddles come first, but get on with the painting man! The warband looks fab dude ;-)

  4. Gosh, your workbench looks almost as cluttered as mine!

  5. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.