søndag den 21. august 2016

Ak ak aak! (And I won a competition)

I got hold of a really good deal on the game MARS ATTACK  by Mantic games. The core set, neopren mat and some expansions. Well...What more was there to say but AK AK AAAK AK!

 Got it Friday evening. Meant to paint it Saturday evening. Denied! I have 3 good brushes, and some busted up ones. All 3 decided to quit on me at the same time! DAMMIT! So no speedpainting...

That would not stop us the slightest from getting a game on. Lone is not a gamer, but this could be one that she would try.

 And it was fun! Now I just need to get it painted. I am thinking I actually have some city debris in my boxes from my poast apoc collection. Should fit in nicely. Ready for the next games! (First game she beat my ass! Second game I got revenge. So we are tied now.)

 I won a competition on Facebook! Woohoo! And this was my price, a cool miniature from Code Orange Games. Cheers guys. This wil get some attention as I get hold of new brushes!

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