søndag den 3. juli 2016

Winner and vacation !

I can see a lot of hits on my blog, but only 3 responded to the giveaway. So without further ado....
Da Gobbo Grotto has been drawn and will get the fountain from HORIZONCREATION3D.
Contact me on lordsiwocATgmailDOTcom mate.

And remember that if you wish to buy from him then use the code zombie10 that will give you a 10% discount.

I found my Freddy and Jason miniatures! Finally! Freddy will for sure have a place in my Nghtstalker army. Jason might fnd a spot. They will not get a repaint but will be rebased though.

And I will be getting hold of some of these miniatures from Thunderchild! They are at KICKSTARTER now
WASTEMAN go check them out now. Very cool miniatures!

I have just gone on vacation. Have a lot of plans but not for travel. Hobby stuff includes finishing the NIGHTSTALKER army, gaming 6mm WWII, painting my Heroquest models.

Today though we are getting cultural. A visit to the museum of Louisiana . Which I am very much looking forward to. They are nerds as well you know.

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