søndag den 10. juli 2016

True horror master

Only fitting that as a small tribute I use a model of Freddy Krueger to lead my army of nightmares, the NIGHTSTALKERS. Close to getting an army ready to do battle. I found some miniatures from different races and they will make up my unit of Doppelgangers. 
And now for a different project. I work in mens wear and I have a soft spot for cufflinks. Really restraining myself from just buying a bunch as I have amble opportunity to do so. However I have a couple lying around. Only fitting to get them displayed. So on I went:
I think it worked out pretty good. Now there is room for more cufflinks! Hooray!
Da gobbo grotto has recieved the price (waterfountain) and is currently painting it. Looking forward to the result. And remeber the code zombie10 when you order from HORIZON3D as it wil give you a 10% discount.
It is currently raining here in Denmark, which is normal summer here. So I think I will be trying to get more organized in the geek corner here. That should take the better part of this sunday!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Finished it brother, the post will be up Wednesday with the pics. Thanks again mate, I hope I've done it justice.

  2. Awesome job on the cuff link display board a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the water fountain finished by Da Gobbo Grotto to be shown.

    Freddy Krueger leading the army should look ace. Looking forward to seeing him appear.