onsdag den 6. april 2016

Next army (What the hell am I thinking?)

I am still a bit stuck in Kings of war....A bit meaning...A LOT! And I remembered that I had traded some stuff in return for a Mantic army of Basileans. (Good guys with angels). Being mostly a necromancer I have not payed them any attention for over a year. As it dawned on me that I had them somewhere it took me no time to dig them out .

Please disregard the bus and ambulance, they are not part of the army. Well I got them like this and remembered I had painted 3 models to test some colours. Hmm....There is a complete army here... So I went to check the armybuilder and see if I could get something together that would slightly look like an army.

Needed to rewire my head a bit as it calls for another tactic. Now I will be thinking of healing, inspiring and angels! The army is down on paper, most of the models I have. I need something to represent penitens. Some have mentioned GW flaggelants others have mentioned Frostgrave cultist. Need a little think on that. Will be making a new order for some bases. Multibasing again...Oh yes! This time thetheme will be overgrown temple/city/castle. Thanks to Christian (our man in Berlin) for helping me with the idea on that.

Now then....Not much else gaming being done but I went to another concert. Danish band called QUEEN MACHINE. Tribute band to...Queen. Well duh... They were awesome! Singer actually sounded pretty close to Freddie. And as for the look...Well see for yourself.

A bit different from the last concert I went to, but it was good and I had a good time, singing along on almost all of them!

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  1. For your penitents: I think the Frostgrave cultist will look better together with the Mantic guys, than the GW Flagellants will. Besides; SUPPORT FROSTGRAVE!
    Queen Machine is an awesome band; every time they play, half my company is bugging the project manager for free tickets!