søndag den 27. marts 2016

Kings of war games

Today (Sunday) I took my kings of war undead for a tournament. Got to play 2 games and met some new gamers. Due to easter holidays it was a poor showing though but we had fun. This zombie in the picture above actually watched over us. We played at a gaming store and they had live roleplaying props too. Nice fellow although he was a bit on the quiet side.

First game was against Ratkin. Those low down dirty rats! Dominate scenario which ended with a close loss to me. I had him fearing me as both of my catapults hit him in the first turn! A couple of high rolls from him at the end of the game saw my army turn to bones and dust. Stil it was a great game so many thanks to my opponent Marcus.

Remember that you can click on the images to get them bigger.

 No...My necromancer is not dead. Just resting because...REASONS! He kept falling over as the surface was not totally even. Dammit!
Last picture here shows the points to be added up. At this point my "fallen" necromancer had been replaced with a wraith/green zombie miniature. As mantioned...Lost unfortunately. Had my wraith unit stayed then it would have been a draw.
 "Right swambies....Go forth and feast!"
 The other game was against Twilight kin. Really cool effect on the bases with cracked ice!
 The dark master that controlled the undead hordes!
 And now I wish to say...I am sorry Mikkel. To my opponent. He came to fear the wraiths....And well the rest of my army too! You see.... In the next 2 pictures you will see the dead pile from Twilight kin and the dead pile from undead.

Mission was pillage. So had to control some markers (we used paintpots) and my opponent said at the start of the game " I will be coming over to you and kill you!" Well....That did not really work as he had planned.
(Sidenote, damn the Hydra is nasty!) However, as he called for surrender the next picture shows what he had left on the table.

I had a horde of skeletons ready to charge/surge into the crossbows. Still it was a good game on both sides and we talked about what coud be repaced in the list. I really did not think the 2 troops of crossbows was worth it. Get another unit of fast cavalry to ´harrass warmachines/characters and get objectives.
All in all it was a good day with gaming and gamingtalk. I am sure there will be more gamers ready to roll dice the next time this will be put up. Another thing that bothered me a bit was the terrain. It was really beat up as it was the stores, it really gets abused. Or maybe I have just become used to the great terrain we have at my club? But we respect it too and puts it back in proper place after use. It really adds to the overall experience to have a great table setup with good looking terrain.
This post is long enough now. I might put up some thoughts on the next post concerning my own army. What I realy liked in it, what performed good, should anything go? And what should be added to it next?
Stay tuned and keep gaming.

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  1. Very good image review. Looks like a cool place to game.

  2. Your army looks great man. I like the look of the twilight kin too!

  3. A day full of gaming is awesome. Tables look great!

  4. Sounds like you had a good day out dude!

  5. You're right that good terrain makes a difference. But at least you got some games in :-) .