mandag den 13. april 2015

A bit of terrain and mead

This is IMPORTANT to know! Be safe out there!

Miniatures scenery is a company that does a lot of lasercut mdf. And I recently bought some of their stuff. Flatpacked, easy instructions on their website to how to assemble it and very affordale prices. I ordered along with a mate to save postage.

Boxes are really sturdy! And in the first picture you will see the 2 forklifts....In bits.... As mentioned, it was easy enough to put together. Still need to finish painting them but here is a picture as scale reference. Good size for my postapocalyptic games, Deadzone and Batman miniature games.
The lone survivor is a mini me. A converted miniature made by a fellow blogger Mathyoo . Please click his name and check his blog. Zombies are from Mantic Games (Deadzone). Worth checking out. There are lots of great stuff. I have another small project from them, but that will first be revealed as it has been done.

No...This is not for smoking! Although I think you could but it will likely not have the effect you desire. This is for my mead. Along with a lot of honey. Changed a bit in the recipe so really looking forward to this one!

Take care out there...It is already a mad world we live in!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Ooh, nice fork lift trucks! I'd prefer them with wheels rather than tracks, but that could be done easily enough.

    Mead-making seems to be very popular in Scandinavia. I've never come across anyone in Britain who does it for a hobby, though.

  2. Nice forklifts! and you can never have too many boxes!!

  3. I do like your MDF models - all very useful!

  4. They look great and very useful indeed. They are a nice size I shall have to get some.