søndag den 15. februar 2015

Get the point?

So...Have you been painting miniatures lately? Well I bought more than I have painted. Which is rather bad as I have a friendly bet going with Christian. So far the score is:
Christian +6
Johnny -13.5

Yes.....Rather bad standing for me...Through January I have had no real time to sit down and paint. Mangaed some though....But I managed to buy a lot of miniatures as well!!! Currently I am painting up some miniatures to be used in the game of BATMAN. And they take a bit more time to do. You will notice they are on the custom bases I made.

Giving these a bit more attention.  The gang will number around 8 to 10 models  so it is worth giving them an extra touch.

Now....I had something else lined up to say here...It got deleted due to pressing news.... We went to a fleamarket/carboot sale...

Empire, Orcs, chaos warriors, Goblins and dwarves. And aparently there were some bretonnian archers, woodelves and quest miniatures as well. A bargain price but...I am royally fucked!!! Christian has assured me that we might come to an agreement. As much as he wants to win our bet, he would also like the competition.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Great find I can't comment I always end up breaking my promises regarding the hobby lol. The Elite clowns are coming along nicely!

  2. Great banner Johnny.
    Those clowns look nice. That's one hell of a haul. I also really like the car in the picture with the clowns. Hopefully you can get down to some painting soon.

  3. I love the clowns, Johnny. Who makes them? I need them to join my Killer Klowns gang.

  4. Excellent haul, I tend to hum and har and miss great lots like yours.
    I have bought some figures though for the first time in over two years !

  5. The loot, go for the loot, dont get distracted by side bets. :)
    You are doing quite ok, I am screwed this year with too many fantasy coming my way and potentially Incursion kickstarter (if not delayed). I am already at 240 newly acquired models... I need to paint faster

  6. It is a pretty cool stash of loot! I actually got to do a bit of painting after writing this blog. Progress is good.

    The clowns are from Knight models, Batman the miniature game and are from Jokers crew. Really cool models, nice casting and good detail.