mandag den 23. februar 2015


There is just something weird about them. Which might be the reason that I like them. The creepy side of them. From Pennywise of the movie IT to Captain Spaulding from the movie THE DEVILS REJECTS. 

Mad Clown Miniatures (Click this link) have hit the head on the nail with these miniatures! I have a crawler as well that I need to paint up but for now...I give you zombie clowns!

Not much clean up to do and I must say I love these sculpts! Now I wanted to show them of painted too but have yet to finish them. Sad clown.... But that just gives me an excuse to show them again!

No where near finished... Is it just me...Or do the one on the right remind you of JIGSAW ? Well still working on these.

AND....I got into BATMAN THE MINIATURES GAME. As some may know I am starting a JOKER crew up. Clowns....again....I know....

The clown in front is my tribute to Captain Spaulding. Oh boy....These still need a lot of work. But they are getting there... And more on the way to me. I could be quite tempted to use Joker`s crew as a survivor gang in ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH as well. You would have to be a bit mad to survive there....

Sleep well kids.......

6 kommentarer:

  1. Ah, clowns! The scariest villains... ever! I just have to get those clown minis you've shown.

    1. He has some sweet stuff indeed! Could be Sunny`s pet!

  2. The only thing scarerier than clowns would be Nazi zombie clowns. Now that's an idea I should have kept to myself. D'oh!

  3. Oh Yeah!
    Captain Spaulding is the greatest clown of all times! Tim Curry is great as Pennywise and the zombie clown in the original Day of the Dead is cute but, to me, Cpt. Spaulding is simply the epitome of makeup-wearing evil!

  4. Well, at least clown miniatures allow you scope for painting with bright colours. No need for subtlety there!