søndag den 25. januar 2015

Work.....More work !

No hobby work done to show off. A bit of paint here and there but no end results. Reason being is work. As some of my regular readers will know the store I work in have changed location. And through January we have been busy in packing and cleaning the old place and getting ready in the new place.

This is part of the new place. Picture taken yesterday (Saturday) and we plan to open this coming Saturday. Oh right....We juuuust need to unpack all the new clothes, pricetag them, get them up on hangers or on tables. Plus getting those mannequins dressed. And we still need some electrics to be done and the mirrors to be put up. We will make it.... Of that I am certain! But it does cut into my hobbytime!

Yes...We have a pooltable. And darts too !
And we actually have some golfclubs too....You know...Just in case the zombie shoppers turn up!! Take care out there, hobby related stuff will soon return to this blog.

4 kommentarer:

  1. All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy!

  2. its not fun when life gets in the way of gaming :(

  3. Nevermind mate! Makes the time we do spend on the hobby all the sweeter!

  4. I can see it now
    "We'll search this Menswear shop"
    "What you hoping to find?"
    "Some usable weapons, golf clubs and pool cues or something like that"
    "Yeah, right..."