søndag den 18. januar 2015

"All your base are belong to us!"

"All your base are belong to us" started from an old Sega Genesis game called Zero Wing. Now mostly used as a geek reference whenever someone talks about basing their miniatures or talking about bases in general. And that is what I plan to do in this blogpost.

I wanted to make some city/urban bases for my miniatures of BATMAN the game.Sure you can buy resin toppers and resin bases, but I wanted to do it myself. A bit of scrounge in my bits turned up a lot of treasure for this to use as litter on the bases.

I beam in plasticcard and some rubber tyres from a toystore. (Thanks Christian for those) and greenstuff. Then it is only your imagination that stops you. If that is the case then please take inspiration from me or take a look at some of the fantastic bases made out there.

Smooth the greenstuff out and press something down into it. Here I have used some plastic mesh. Bits of a coffee stirrer and a bit of the I beam cut to an angle. Do make sure the greenstuff is a bit wet to make sure it will release whatever you press down int it again.

This one was a big guy and i actually cut the slot open again to keep his own part of the base. All it needs now is a bit of pva glue and sand. The other miniatures will have the slotta cut of and then pinned to the base. More to come of this.

Come to think about it then you can use whatever you want to press into the greenstuff. If it has a good texture, find a rock and roll it easy over it. If you do not like it then just smooth the greenstuff out again and try something else.

What are you waiting for? YOU CAN DO IT!

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  1. Awesome job Johnny. This is pretty much what I do with milliput on my own. Liking the mesh idea shall have to steal that one. It will come in handy for Empire of the Dead I think.

  2. Very effective, Johnny, and just as good as those for sale but at a fraction of the price. They look darned good!

  3. Terrific tips, and I too shall be returning to 'borrow' them for my own minis :-)

  4. Great job dude! Really like these ideas Johnny, inspirational.

  5. Nice start, Johnny! I think bases are great as they let you do so much on such a limited space. While making EVERY base special is a bit tedious, for games with smaller miniature count or for special miniatures, there is no reason not to go that extra mile.

    Mesh idea is fantastic and it brings out a realistic look. While there is nothing wrong with GS, I find it too elastic for such work, perhaps you should give milliput a try. Or even better, mix milliput with GS for a rock hard finish that is also easy to work with!

    You GS blobs are very blobby (well, thats not the best way to put it), so don't be afraid to cut the excess off - or you were planning to cover it with sand?

  6. An excellent idea! I'd like to see these painted up; I expect they'll look very good.

  7. Nice simple and effective mate.