søndag den 30. november 2014

After the loot!

We are all after the loot. Just go ahead and admit it. Be it in a dungeon, on the battlefield or in the post apocalyptic wasteland. Some call them mission objectives.....It is loot!!! In the game of ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH there is different values on the loot points . Let me show you some of the ideas I have had concerning lootcounters.

These are mostly bits from Ramshackle games I had lying around. The bags in the front are from Project Zeke. We all have some bits and most are useful for this. I had the lootcounters in paper laid down with the points values facing down. A bit of adhessive blob (I forgot the english name, but it can be taken of easily enough agin.) and pressed them on.

And you know.....There are already some lootcounters ready made! These are from MICROART and are actually just from their base sets. But they work really good for loot counters!

I am giving these away to Christian from Berlin. Newcomer to Across the dead earth and this summer, if all goes well, I will be going to Berlin to challenge him in a game of Across the dead earth!

Really all you need is a bit of imagination and you will be able to see lootcounters everywhere. Take the next picture here.

Really tasty and as I sat and looked at the caplid....This could be useful!

Not sure how I will do them yet, but they could easily be used as mission objectives. LOOT!!!
Go make your lootcounters ready, you WILL need them!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Great looking counters! I must get around to finishing mine off!

  2. Lovely Loot markers. As you say, you can never have enough. Hope the scenery build is going well for AtDE. Looking forward to another posting on that soon :-)

  3. Nice little pieces of scenery, the blobby stuff could it be Blue Tac??

  4. Excellent loot counters Johnny! Great idea dude!

  5. Those "dice" caps are interesting, aren't they? You could use them as bollards or street signs [paint some traffic signs or arrows on the faces], or they could be mounted on something suitable and made into trophies for the winners of a competition. Or make them into bird baths. Or drinking fountains. Or litter bins.

  6. You have some great ideas for loot counters here, Johnny. Most inspirational.

  7. Loot counters are a great idea and as you've ointed out can come in many forms, they can also be used as interesting terrain pieces too.
    I'm always looking at plastic containers and thibking how else they could be used too.