søndag den 23. marts 2014

Nerd...Yes. And damn proud of it!

And I am not alone. I am part of a gaming group. Several of my friends are geeks or nerds. Which is not a bad thing. It just proves that you are able to learn, be creative, think and enjoy.  Now besides the gaming group, we are some that get together privately and be ners. That happened yesterday.

This was what I brought along to work on. Miniatures from PROJECT ZEKE,WRECKAGE and EM4. And yes...That is mead that I brought along. The mead was good, but what took the price was the cupcakes Stefan brought along. Kindly made by his lovely wife Lina. Behold the might of IA IA FTHAGN!!!

And we did not even go mad......Or rather...If we did then there was no noticeable change....

Across-the-dead-earth  have 7 days to go on the KICKSTARTER. It is funded and the above picture is the stretchgoal achieved. These guys go in for free in the £25 pledge and up. That is 17 miniatures! Go £5 up and you will get the rulebook in softcover too. And you really want that. Rules are great! Nice campaign system put in. You can make your group exactly like you want it. If you can afford it. Go scavenging or ambush one of the other gangs!

Oh...And yes. My name is amongst those from the state. Reason behind that is that we BETA playtesters got a "thanks guys" and got to name them. Now these are only concept work, but damn I love the hockey mask!

 Add on for £15 A post apocalyptic bar! No wasted wasteland without this!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, those cupcakes do look delicious!

    Glad to hear kickstarter works for you guys, the miniatures and the price seem very reasonable. For bar, I'm on the other side of the time-money problematics and I'd rather build my own and put that sleek interior furnishing in it :P

  2. Loving the C3-PO/Ironman. Nice bar too. Evil cupcakes, nice idea!

  3. Geek? Nerd? Call it what you will, but I, too, am proud to be one.
    Those cupcakes are just inspired!

  4. What awesome cakes! The bar looks great I hope they do a few more bits of terrain in the future!

    Scavs and Wreck Age figs seem to go together nicely as well. Just need an EU suppliers of wreckage!

  5. Mead or beer is an essential element of the mini painting process. That's why the 40K kids can't get their armies painted, no booze.

    Kickstarters take too long, I require immediate mini satisfaction. I wish they'd hurray up and start selling these minis. I need copies of you and Squint.

    It's always better to eat a space god, than to have a space god eat you.

  6. I dunno. Eating cupcakes that are marked with things that man was not meant to know! It all sounds a bit weird, but in a delicious way.

  7. And the geek shall inherit the earth. Cool cupcakes, epic to get yoru name in the game and that bar looks superb.

  8. I've never considered myself or your as a Geek or a Nerd (they're too hard to define in any event). Just conitues being what you are and don't worry about being labelled.
    The wasteland bar looks good btw