lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Miniatures painted...Game played?

Well I think that most of you that read my blog, know about the above target guide. It is still a bit funny though. Knowledge is power!

Project Zeke contacted me with an offer...I could not refuse! 1 man company run on a hobby basis. Simon who is the braaaaains behind this have send me some miniatures. And this is my take on them.

First impression : Anatomy seems right. The weapons are a good size to the rest of the model. The survivor has a makeshift bajonet which seems a bit big. But I think it is okay as it still fits, and a knife in that scale would be way too thin.

Please excuse me, as you will notice there is an extra model in this picture. In the black trenchcoat and officercap is a model from Reaper miniatures. Also to show the scale. I like these miniatures as their stance looks "real". Subtle difference in the 3 covert ops guys too. Looking forward to what he makes next. These miniatures will be used in my next battle report!

Bio Syndrome is a zombie survival game. You can play as the zombies or as survivors, military, special agents. Or you could try to fight them as a Samurai (with your army behind you) or in WWII. And you are not just up against walkers! There is runners, brutes, zombie dogs and more nasty things!

The coalition force. 1 leader and 3 troops. Plus a survivor who is pretty important.

And here are their gory opponents. 1 brute, 2 armoured zeds, 2 runners and 6 walkers.

Yes.....That is a zombie on a segway.

And this will be where the battle will be.

The black arrow is the way they need to go in order to get through the city. Does not seem that far does it? Just a leisure walk...

Stay tuned for the battle report!

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  1. Awesome use of the Zombicide board as your road layout, like the buildings too. I can't wait to see the batrep.Nice figures too. After watching World War Z again I get it. The covert ops guys are the "hammers", cool as penguin pee.

    That zombie target guide is going to make really nice posters for terrain.

  2. Look forward to the battle report. The Project Zeke mini's have painted up very nicely indeed!

  3. I can not wait for that report.

  4. Looking forward for the report, the board looks awesome! Especially the tank, intimidating! And that car, blocking the road! Ah! :D

  5. I was contacted by Zeke Minis too about stocking their items a couple of weeks ago, but I had exhausted my "spending" limit already for new items. I think these are definitely on my stock list for the future though :) Also, great looking board!

  6. That's a great looking board, Johnny. I'm looking forward to your batrep.Nice work on Simon's figures, as well.

  7. great terrain! looking forward to the report. you should open up some more of the terrain for escape areas (or zombie deployment zones). =)

  8. Table layout looks very good, looking forward to the bat-rep.

  9. It all looks very good so far - but where's the battle report :-) ? We want the game!

  10. Awesome stuff Johnny and great take on the Zeke miniatures too, looking froward to the Batrep

  11. The troopers are real cool minis.