søndag den 5. januar 2014

Back to the hobby!

Really? Why the hell did they not try to get hold of some protection like the guys here:
 Oh well.... This could be a topic that would see me rambling on for a loooong time!! Have mentioned it before.
Right, a new year has begun, you may have noticed? And I have been painting along. DEADZONE is taking my time right now. But what I wanted to show you is my little mess. Well...As a creative mind it would be wrong to have every thing neatly stored. I try to clean up once in a while. That will last just about 1 hour.
 My desk and painting station. 
 To the left of me. The acryllic paintrack is a christmas present from Lone. Have way more paint pots but need to select a bit.
My corner of happiness. (Whiskey is behind that chair)

A bit more storage. I reeeaaally need to sort some of this....And sell some of it so I can buy more zombies!

8 kommentarer:

  1. That's an awesome man cave, Johnny. It reminds me of mine, only I'm teetotal, so no booze for me.

  2. Great mancave! If you have been watching the recent season they all do wear more body armour now :P That pic is from when they first took the prison grounds I think they then get riot armour and stuff!

  3. Hmm, I imagine that the trouble with full body armour is that it's hot - especially in Georgia in the summer!

    I had my eye on one of those acrylic racks for my own paints, but my wife didn't take the Christmas hint!

  4. Cool man Cave Johnny, but not as messy as mine lol

  5. Behold the Man-Cave! nice one Johnny! Enjoy!

  6. The suits are too hot, the masks give a restricted view and reduce your hearing range. I've a feeling a thick leather jacket and some tear-proof pants (like those used by people operating chain saws) plus a light helmet would be just as useful.
    Your "man cave" (how I hate that expression) pictures just make me want to know whats in each box and drawer.

  7. Very nice, quite messy, we approve!