onsdag den 1. januar 2014

A new year has begun

Survived the New years eve which actually sounded like a warzone!!! I had not bought any fireworks this year and did not miss it. There was enough of it outside!  Dinner was not the ordinary New year dinner. Italian appetizers and spanish tapaz. YUM! And enough of it that we will have it tonight too!

Oh and I have recieved my ZOMBIED mugs! 2 beer and one for icescream. They are great!
The miniature is from Grekwood miniatures for scale. Go click the link...You know you want to! The lid beside the miniature is to form the icecream into a brain! YUM! The grey in  front is the one for that.

Ofcourse I used it last night! (It is the zombie mug on the left.)

I do hope that everybody got safely into 2014. And I wish you and your families a wonderfull year!
So...New year resolutions? Well....Yes...I do have a few.
1. Paint my stuff for DEADZONE.
3. Paint my ZOMBIECIDE.
4. Maintain this blog.
5. Enjoy my life with Lone and our pugs.

Those are the ones I really do hope to come true! Must admit I could do with loosing a few pounds and get a bit in shape. And there are somethings that need to be repaired here at home.

2014 started good. Scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages. And no headache! Not a bad start at all I reckon!
Just about to make a small order with ZOMBIE SHOP . Go have a look. They have braaaaaiiiinsss!!!! Thinking of painting a bit today. Otherwise it is just a lazy wednesday. For all of us!

10 kommentarer:

  1. Happy New Year! Looks like a good start so far...

  2. Happy New Year, yep, it's good so far, love the mugs and the breakfast.

  3. Best wishes for the New Year. I do like your zombie mugs - they are so cool!

  4. Have a damn good 2014 Johnny!

  5. Happy New Year to you all mate. Sounds like you had a good evening!

  6. Happy New year to both of you, I doubt I could keep any resolutions though your ones don't seem too demanding.

  7. Happy new year!! those mugs are pretty awesome :D

  8. Sounds like a very decent start to 2014. Good luck with the new year resolutions!

  9. Happy new year, Johnny!
    Your resolutions are very safe, I don't like making them myself as I know I wouldn't restrict myself from doing or not doing something, he he. Yours are quite good, though. You better make sure you'll be able to check every point on that list on 1.1.2015 ;)

    The mugs are fantastic, I remember that kickstarter!

  10. Happy New YEar Johnny! Mmmm, breakfast!