søndag den 10. november 2013

Zombie stuff! (Well duh!)

Not a new model but wanted to show it of again. It is a diecast car in the scale of 1:43. After I worked on it with a hammer. At my club we were talking about how some companies have gone mad on scaling their vehichles. While some actually make it quite close.

Now to the zombie goodness..... Adam from ZOMBIESHOP showed a picture of him selling his zombie stuff at an horror expo. And I thought to myself "Wow that is soooo damn cool!" But....Why in the 7 shades of hell have I never made an order then? 5 minutes later I was actually making an order.  First of all Adam is what I call a good guy. The order was processed and despatched very quickly. Last Monday a nice little parcel showed up.

DEAD CITY by Joe McKinney. You follow one man through just one night. Going from law and order directly through hell! I quite liked it and it took me just a week to read it. The candy is BRAINBLASTERS. If only I had read the fine print...It says MEGASOUR. Well...It blasted my tastebuds and brains too!!! DAMN!! Some of my friends loved it though.

ZOMBIEDICE by Steve Jackson games. Hilarious!Easy to learn and fun to play! Already went through 10 games. They can last between 10 minutes to half an hour. I have played it while we were just 2 and when we were 5 people. Absolutely recommendable!!

Now...This is the second part where I tell you that Adam is a good guy. This was a freebie! I was mentioning I did not have any voucher or coupon code when I made the buy. Adam`s response was in the lines of "Don`t worry, we will take care of you!"  Weirdly enough I got an image of him standing in front of my door with a baseballbat!!!  But no...This is what he meant! 

This blows me away for 2 reasons. I had NOT expected this! And I knew nothing of his company! Absolutely brilliant!!! Many thanks Adam ZOMBIESHOP . I just felt that the least I could do was a shout out like this! Now if you make an order, do not expect to have free miniatures thrown in!! But you can rest assured that you WILL get good service, good products and at reasonable prices too!

A big thank you and you can be sure 
I will make an order again!

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  1. Good customer service is always good to hear. The Zombie Dice game does sound good (I like Steve Jackson Games, I always have). Maybe I should check Zombieshop out as well. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I have placed quite a few orders with Adam at Zombieshop and you're absolutely right - he is one of the good guys. Heck, he gave me a free copy of the Zombie Survival Manual to review on my blog, which I was more than happy to do.

  3. Ah, Zombie Dice! It's a great little filler for a group of people with 15 minutes to spare. We gave it to my eldest son for Christmas a few years ago.

  4. Excellent service! The Zombie Dice game sounds like great fun

  5. Loving the body work you've done on that car!

  6. Good to hear about the excellent service!

  7. I heartily endorse your views on Adam and the service Zombie http://www.zombieshop.co.uk/ give.

  8. You did that to a Dodge Charger!? :)

    Thanks for your kind comments sir