søndag den 17. november 2013

Zombie gnomes and whiskey

Come christmas time, we here in Denmark love to put christmas gnomes up. Silly and fun and always up to some kind of mischief. Well somebody got this great idea to make them as zombies!!!! How freaking awesome is that?! And I got this from my girlfriend, GF points to her! 

It also has stickers and TO/FROM labels. Just amazing really!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) I met up with some friends and took a whiskey/rum tour. Tasting a lot of new stuff. Really amazed by a Swedish whiskey called MACKMYRA. And the Japanese YAMAZAKI. MACALLAN SIENNA was the last one for me, and a really good one.  Thanks guys for good company amongst great whiskies!

Well...We were not the only ones there..... 

Bad picture, not good at selfies and I had my fair share of whiskey in my blood.

Currently working on STUDIO MINIATURES plastic zombies. I found out I had alot of them, so they are getting speedpainted and I may do a special zombie scenario at my club using these zombies! 

7 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome those Zombie Gnomes look brilliant! Whiskey tasting sounds great and looked like you enjoyed yourself! Bring on the horde Look forward to seeing the ranks swelled

  2. Zombie gnomes? Sure, why not :-) ?

    *Swedish* whisky? No, I think I'll stick to Scotch!


    Ah..I feel much better now :P. Funny how you're painting the zombies, since today I'm having an unexplained craving for the most basic modern zombie gaming, without any secret nazi bases or mutants. Oh my... :D

    BTW Thanks again for those Ramshackle miniatures, I've just finished flocking them. Not my best work, but they're great reason to start working on something I shouldn't start working on :)

  4. Looks like you were enjoying yourself a lot and the more zombies the better!

  5. Everythign is better with Zombies.... even Christmas! :)

  6. Zombie gnomes eh? Sounds to me like the whiskey got to more than just you !
    It's a great selfie btw, with a typical whiskey-drinkers smile too.
    The mass of studio zombies will give a great boost to your burgeoning horde, I hope you get to use them all en masse, it'll be a great sight.

  7. Whiskey and Zombies, does it get any better????