søndag den 8. september 2013

Winners and a bit terrain update

Competition is over and here are the correct answers:

My girlfriend is Lone. 
We have been together for over 8 years now. 

Yes I have animals. 2 pugs and a leopard gecko. 
Here you see a lazy sunday with the pugs.

BACON!!! Though this may cause my heart to skip a beat!

Bonus question: NO! What? Both would have been accepted as correct answers. Pulp Fiction, click to watch!
So....Who won? NOONE! I am keeping the goodies! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!! 

The unassembeld APC from Laser Cut Card goes to 
Go check Laser Cut out, they have amazingly 
good products at good prices!

These miniatures from Ramshackle Games will find a new home at Fran Click his name and you will go to his blog.

Last batch of miniatures, again from Ramshackle Games they really have some great stuff!! The package will go to Mathyo and again, if you click the name you will go straight to his blog.

Please send me a mail with your adress in order for me to get the stuff out to you!

And to end this blog....Here is a picture of my workstation. Laptop is just to the right in this picture. This is not messy at all...By my standards!!!!!

8 kommentarer:

  1. oh yay, thank you! :D
    Those all seem perfect, the guy on the right screams WWWII!

    As for the paint station, it's not a mess it's a production line! :D

  2. Sweet well done to all the winners. Beautiful pic of Lone btw :D

  3. Winner, winner, chicken dinner congrats to the other winners!

  4. Congrats to all the winners, I must have missed this competition somewhere along the line...
    I love shots of people's work area to try and guess what all the detritus is on them.

  5. Damn and blast!!!!! I just spoke to Fran, he rubbed it in that he'd one I I didn't. The trouble is I didn't enter!!!! I was halfway through typing my answers when my computer crashed, then I forgot to go back.....sod it! well done to all the winners apart from Fran of course!