søndag den 1. september 2013

Terrain, competition, a big hammer and miniatures!

This is the TENDERISER from Grekwood miniatures. I still need a bit of blood splatter on his apron. Somehow I can not find it! I really need a paint rack. (In the progress of getting one!) This miniatures is really great! The chain comes seperately which is a nice touch. And yes...The haft is not quite straight at the moment. But a paint in progress and it will be made nicer. The base needs some loving too.

See this toy helicopter? Pretty beat up. Though it had some wheels and when pushed forward the motion would make the rotors spin as well. I bought it from a kid for what equals to about  £1 at a market where kids could sell their old toys.

I have some plans for this. The scale is pretty good for my post apocalyptic setting. I am aiming towards the look of the picture just below this text.

Oh and I still have the little competition going. Click here . The miniatures from Ramshackle games paint up pretty good. Just remember to wash them in soap and water, as there may be traces of release agent on them. I have used bits from Ramshackle as conversions as well as the original models. Check these out:

Now....Back to the helicopter....Where did I put the screwdriver? I need to paint some more zombies from Studio miniatures too... Oooh...Zombiecide season 2 is soon to come! The mead needs to be checked on, looking forward to my second batch. A cup of tea first....

12 kommentarer:

  1. Hurrah Tenderiser is coming alog nicely andnthe heli looks like a good idea for a project and will make a good terrain piece.

  2. Nice helicopter with plenty of potential to be restored or made into a wreck.

    The Tenderiser isn't much to my taste, though. That "anvil" on the end of a pole will be too heavy to swing, however big his muscles are! Still, if you like it then it's good :-) .

    1. Resident evil, the executioner. That is actually him ;-)

  3. nice work mate, glad to finally see some painted stuff! :P

  4. Cheers guys! More painted stuff to come!!!

  5. I sure wouldn't want to meet that guy in a dark alley way. That guy would look good for a survivial horror type game.

  6. That is a big arse brute with the hammer. All the vehicles seem very post apoc and the heli I am sure will become a very suitable addition.

  7. Wheeey!! a painted tenderiser! nice work! I look forward to seeing all the blood splatters added :D

    The helecopters remind me of when i did some work at the only helicopter museum in the UK!! The model should look pretty cool painted up!

  8. Great buy with the 'copter and so many other things going on ! DO I hear the cry "More mead ! More mead !" ?

  9. Grekwood and Ramshackle in the same post! That's two treats in one. I really like the miniatures from both companies. You know the only thing missing?

    "MORE MEAD!"

  10. The helo looks like a fun objective marker terrain piece. I like the paint job on the tenderizer.