søndag den 3. marts 2013

Killteam "Teacups"

Sorry guys....No zombies to show this time around. We play a lot of killteam at the club at the moment. Earlier I showed my Nurgle warband with zombiecultists. Well my Praetorians demanded to be fielded upon the field of battle. So be it. Having a warband of 10 miniatures I know took 27 models to the game!!! 

I already have some fights under my belt with these guys. First one I actually won on account of the others running of the table! Since we have it as a campaign it is quite often a good idea to cut the losses and get the hell out of there! Strategic withdrawal!!!

Last gaming night we were 5 killteams ready to fight, so we decided that one in each corner and the last in the middle. The one who sets up in the middle would set up last and get first turn. For a bit of help. Roll of to see who would be the unlucky sucker in the middle. Banter and teasing was already flying across the table. And I was feeling good about this fight...Untill I found out that I was the one to be in the centre.

The Teacups ready for deployment! 4 squads of guardsmen, each squad with a grenadelauncher. 2 Veteran sergents. 1 medic. 1 Sentinal warwalker with a multilaser. 2 Ratling snipers. And my commander in front.

 Dark angels. See the plasmacannong to the left? 
That can take out a whole squad of my men with each shot!!!!
 The Eldar. Pesky tricky elves!!!
Dark Eldar. As the eldar above, just a bit more sinister!

And somehow I forgot to take a picture of the Tau killteam. Killteam is a great way of starting up a new army or redoing/adding to an existing army. That is the reason why you see most of my opponents here in lack of painted miniatures.

 The killing field. Still work in progress with the buildings, some are paint in progress. Really adds to the game how these have been made!
 The Teacups organize themselves and are ready for the fight!
  "First line...FIRE! Second line...FIRE!"
 From the Dark Eldar line. I wonder what they will shoot at? Can you guess????!?!!?!?!

 First round of casualties. I managed to get the Dark Angel plasmacannon out of the game, only to have my walker shot to pieces!

 Damn Tau sneaking around...WAY too many damn shots coming from them!!

Eldar moving in position. Weirdly enough we never exchanged shots! Line of fire was always blocked, or another target was easier closer by.

At the 3rd round...These are my casualties. 
Yes that is my commander and both of the sergeants!!!!

I took of after round 5 or 6. Not sure at the moment. Thankfully most of my men survived. A sniper and a guardsman were lost. I got enough points after the game to fill out the holes in my killteam. Not sure what to spend them on just yet... 

Oh and as a sidenote...The Tau took the victory!

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  1. Sounds like great fun mate. I'm surprised the Eldar Dark Reapers hit anything just throwing rocks!

    1. It was fun indeed mate! And yeah...Pointing in the general direction took some of the Dark angels out. They did not even need their weapons!

  2. Talk about the rough end of the stick. If those Eldar had been able to shoot you as well it would have been murder.

    1. I doubt I would have made it to turn 3 then!!!

  3. I like the idea as I have a few teams of figures myself, the terrain was excellent..loads of places to hide!

    1. True line of sight. And cover saves really saves your bacon!

      I should have put a link to the rules, but if you want them just ask. Or else it will be in the next blog when I feature some kill team

    2. Did someone mention bacon?
      Great looking game my Lord!!

    3. Cheers mate! Bacon works everytime!

  4. You've got a nice team, I love Vintage models!! :)
    I've played a couple of kill teams match last year but Zerloon refuses now, he's probably scared of dealing with my full platoons while he's got only 10 or 12 models.... Vero Lorenzo?? ;P

    1. Sounds like a challenge! Zerloon! Man or mouse?!