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Abandon the city, abandon all hope!

I have been gaming in Gravesend. My little corner of hell on earth with zombies. I have made some houses and a wrecked car too that you may remember. All quite nice...If you do not count the zombies into this. But something was just not...Right. I then bought a couple of Sarissa models. Brilliant stuff. Yet...It felt a bit daunting to make a city. I know others have had quite the success with cardbuilding terrain. Bryan from Vampifan to mention one. And it does look damn good!  But that is just not me I guess.

Then....As I watched DOOMSDAY (Again) it struck me!!! Let nature take over. How about if we go 10 years forward from Z day 0 ? Some cities have held out and have become safehavens. Other cities and towns have been abandoned. The zombies have not been destroyed. Most of civilation have broken down. 

Now these towns would be great to battle in! Overgrown houses and  wrecks on the roads. Some cars still run. Some electricity can still be made. But it is just not readily available like we have it now. Inspiration for this has come from a lot of movies, it just suddenly dawned upon me what facinated me about these.

Mad Max
The road
I am legend
Resident evil to some extent.

You can click on the names above and it will take you to a trailer for the movie.

Most of the games fit really well in an abandoned city. Zombie games in general. Killteam (warhammer 40k skirmish). Nuclear renaissance.I really like the feel of this. Not just ruins. The abandoned city is often scarier than just ruins. "That old house up on the hill that has been abandoned for years. I dare you to go inside!" 

Well then, I needed to test if this would work. Got hold of one of my Sarissa buildings and some flock. As you can see in the picture below. A basecolour to the house then pva glue and flock. It still needs some bulletholes maybe. A dirty brown wash too. And I think I will add more types of plants to it. Maybe some kind of debris on the sidewalk. But so far I am quite pleased with the result. It is easy and it looks great. Adds a feel to the gaming board instead of just an ordinary town. Right now it looks a bit "new".

The miniatures used are from Hyacint games/wreck age. A postapocalyptic game. These miniatures work great as survivors! Go check them out.

Ramshackle games are doing a kickstarter. kickstarterlink I have several of their resin vehichles and will surely be using them in this new setting I am doing. Plus it is a fun game, now with added mutants and zombies!

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  1. Looks great, some other movies you might like for ruined citys are Logans run, virus, the ultimate warrior, beneath the planet of the apes, yhe omega man

  2. Its a great idea, Really looking forward to seeing you game this. Its something I enjoy the movies and reading about this theme as well.

    Check out 'The Passage' and The 'Twelve' by Justin Kronin

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XDbcMND7fY

  4. There doesn't have to be a zombie apocalypse for it to be hell on earth in Gravesend!!! Nice work on the ivy!

  5. I really like this idea a lot and you're off to a good start with the "Sarissa" model.
    Add to your list of films "Legend" and "The Road " and if you're into computer games the terrain in "Fallout III" is great,
    For more inspirationhave a look at the fallout terrain at Sabot studios:
    - probably the best wargame terrain I've ever seen.
    Looking forward to more on this

  6. Like this a lot. A nice idea well put together.

  7. Very good idea. A decent cheap concept is to use a pack of mixed herbs. They add a sort of 'covered in vine' look. I must admit I like your selection of movies.

  8. I'm definately looking forward to seeing more on this project. Off to a great start mate!

  9. I love this idea!

    I've always thought the Brits would move into the islands around the Island. Americans would use Liberty Island, Governor Island, etc.. as safe havens, and use those points to start claiming territory again. It would cause HUGE regions of the world to be claimed by nature again.

  10. Nice one, good ideas here, I look forward to seeing how you execute them with minis and terrain.

  11. This is a great idea and I'm very keen to see how you progress. I wish you all the best with this exciting project.

  12. That look ambitious and a great idea to move beyond the original story provided by ATZ-FFO.
    I agree that inspiration is key to keep excitement and the movies you mentioned are great.
    Don't forget "Land of the Dead", where a community lives in a city and try to survive surrounded by countryside full of zombies for years.

  13. I like that building a lot, will have to check the company out!

  14. Hey Johnny. Join the post apoc wargames forum for some ideas and inspiration: