søndag den 2. december 2012

And a bit of snow

The snow has come to Denmark. Quite nice actually and so far not the worst of delays in public transport. So far..... From now on untill christmas I will be spending most of my time at work. Halfway through christmas shopping so there is no stress there. AND I just bought the DVD THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. All I need now is my mead to be ready....

Last night at about 3 oclock. A mate of mine is a train controller. Or whatever it is called. As I saw this picture he posted all I thought was "Scotty! Bring us to warp speed 4!"

Working at a small diorama I need to have done before christmas. Working on my NUEM miniatures from Relics. A game from TOR GAMING. I really have no time on my hands as I need to sleep once in a while too....

These guys are The NUEM. Twisted sadomachochistist dwarfs in painsuits. Coming along quite nicely me thinks....

And I just noticed...I have sneaked my way over 20k hits!!!! Holy golden nuts!!!!! And 99 followers!! Hmmm I think this needs to be celebreated with  a give away of some sorts. Well enough around christmas for that. So stay tuned as I will run a give away in the new year. Thank you guys! Motivational indeed!!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Very festive in Denmark then! Not seen the Nuem before evil they do look!

  2. Great photo, can't imagine driving in that though! Those painsuits are just wonderful as well.

  3. I've seen the NUEMS before. They certainly are unique. Glad to see you're getting your share of snow too. Ours has started, though nothing significant yet.

  4. Well, today we have 10°C in Rome and it sunny... And we are complaining because it's a cold day!!!! :D
    You have 99 followers because you have an entertaining and well done blog, you deserve it!! :)

  5. So its been snowing then? Its bloody freezing here in England! Well done on the 20k! and 99 followers as well! Wonder who will be No 100????