søndag den 16. december 2012

A thank you in tough times.

That time of the year. I sell mens wear for a living. Needless to say that this month is by far the biggest of the year. About a week to go before present giving and recieving and I am feling the pressure. I have a great workplace though, the boss makes sure we get a bit extra here and there. Be it pizza, danish, a cold beer after hours or sends one of us home before we close. Gives us that extra to make it through!

And DEXTER aka Chris sent me a seasonal greetings card! The smile on my face went from ear to ear and took some time to get of again!! Thanks alot mate! Totally unexpected and really warmed this old wargamer heart!!!

Hasslefree miniatures is a company I highly recommend. Nice people, great sculpts and great service. Well as seen on their Facebook page they were getting close to their 5000th order. Time to get myself a small christmas present from myself. Smudgster and H4-ML37 was ordered.
Yet again my face was covered in a big grin as it turned out....My order was the one to break the 5000th!!!

There was a bit more candy in the package than shown here....I do have a sweet tooth.... A big thank you to Sally & Kev and Mr & Mrs Black from Hasslefree . It is worth supporting the small companies. I love their sculpts!

On that note....A shoutout to another small company I really like. Grekwood miniatures . Carl aka Rovanite has done a great line of hospitalstaff as zombies. Just now he has finished the zombies for the supermarket. He made a pdf of a hospital to go along with the first zombies. Now with the new line around the corner he mentions he may do a supermarket as downloadable pdf as well!!! He made some hospital beds in resin too. Maybe...He will follow up and make some freezers or shelves with the supermarket?

What is not to like? Blog of Rovanite Check his blog here. I speaketh the thruth!!! And you know what? He is actually a nice chap as well! 

I want to thank the zombie community that we have. For zombie gaming and fighting. Board of the living lead is a forum for everybody in zombie wargaming. Or just to be inspired, for the painters, modellers, zombies....Wait? Zomb....DAMMIT WHERE IS MY GUN?

In the spirit of christmas, I have decided to send a little something to one of the bloggers I follow. I have his adress and it will be shipped tomorrow.

A hard one..... Love both of them!!!
Right....I am off.... Trying to get my game of ZOMBIECIDE through danish customs...AGAIN! Last time it was returned and I ended up paying post . Sigh....I need more coffee...Or hot chocolate...Hmm Or that tea...

8 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, fantastic news on blagging all of those freebies from Hasslefree Minis. They're one of my favourite figure companies, as well. Good on you. Johnny!

  2. Nice that you got some freebies, great start to the holiday season.

  3. A fabulously, festive zombie post! Here's wishing all the best this Christmas.

  4. Well done on the 5000th order top stuff sir. I'm busy also with work and getting stuff ready for Christmas. That Christmas card is awesome top stuff from Dexter.

  5. Go for the tea and Daryl kicks arse!!!

  6. Cheers for the super kind mention!!! :D I did think about resin freezers and shelves. so it's a possibility. I might make some card ones with this PDF, but the resin ones are good idea. Just gotta work out costs and so forth!

    Oh an my vote goes for Tallahassee!

  7. Glćdelig jul til dig og hele din familie Johnny!! (I hope google didn't betray me this time... ;P )

  8. Cheers guys! I went with the tea. ;-)

    And as Gnotta mentions:

    Glædelig jul til jer og jeres familier!
    Merry christmas to you and your families