lørdag den 11. august 2012

Dear diary... Today no one died.

As followers of my blog know by now, the way I write my battle reports  are like entries in a diary. I wanted to take some time and explain my thoughts behind this. 

I like to make a story in my games. Which ever games it has been untill now. As I play my zombie game I take notes. When writing the entry in the diary I make some artistic changes. This way it sounds better. This is not cheating as the results stay the same. And I do roll the dice or flip the cards. But should I search an icecream truck and find a shotgun, I may rewrite it and say it was a police car I found it in. (Although...You never know with some of those guys) 

And I actually have a plot. There have been small clues here and there. 
The overturned truck. It was not crashed, why was it turned over to block the street?
The body of Bigshow...Missing...
These are just some of them. And there will be more. Some will be a bit more subtle, but they will all lead up to my plot! Mwahahahahaha!!! Ahem...Sorry about that...

And now a new page from the diary, not all days are gory and fearfull!!

It has now been 1 week since I first saw the living dead, and what a week! 
Fear of losing Chloe.
Fear of losing my life.
Fear of losing my sanity.
So far....All of the above are still safe and sound. For now that is....

Looking on the bright side we have found a good friend in Ross. We have a safe house now and we have a dog. The last 4 days have been spent barricading the house proper. Getting the dead bodies away from the house. We took them to a field close by. I gathered the names of those I could. You never know if it can help somebody.

We have had some shamblers, but none have gotten in our way. So we left them...To shamble along... Besides we are low on ammo and medicine so why take the chance? We are pretty well stocked on food and water. (And beer!) 

Ross went to check on both cars while we watched for trouble. Neither of those cars are able to drive again. He took the car radio and battery from the orange one so we have been able to gather some news. They are not sounding good at all. The virus problem is not just here. People are to stay inside and wait for help. My guess is the army is going for bigger towns than Gravesend first.

It seems that some people are trying to get to the bigger cities. To find safety there. I am not sure I want to take that chance. I talked it over with the others and they both agree we should stay here. So far we have met few other survivors. No cops, no military and thankfully no gangs. I know there are two rival gangs in this area. The roses and the bacon or something like that. Ah! The Daisies and Bacon Butty Choppers! Ross told me now. I am betting they have guns as well as guts. And that means we need something to defend ourself with, not just against the zombies.

We talked it over and we will try to get to the Hospital. Which is on the other side of the town!  Ross told us that we could take the highway around. It will be longer but most likely safer. The town could be crawling with the living dead.  Cosmo will guard the house...Or snore and fart while we are away. My guess is the last!

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  1. Awesome!
    It is actually a pretty catching story, so far...

  2. Stories always make it for a more interesting read!

    On a side note, last picture, where stickman aims his "desperate, improvised weapon" at the neck of the stickzed...we've practiced this in the army, so I guess it should work :P

  3. Very cool mate. That poster is awesome!

  4. I like the way you do your reports. Its from a personal point of view and they nearly always mention bacon in one way or another.

  5. Neat report and update. The advice poster is so true.

  6. I like your diary entries. They are a refreshing change from the bog standard batrep.

  7. Thanks guys. You can be sure I will continue the diary. I am planning the next adventure right now.

  8. A great read, which is important in campaign reports.