fredag den 27. juli 2012

The future and a competition!

I got a cold....In the week of fantastic summer we got here in Denmark. Just damn brilliant.  Not enough to be really sick, just enough to feel like shit most of the day and being too tired in the evening to do anything hobbywise. Well I did manage to do a little painting. You see...I have been painting a bacon bomb!!! Yup. That is damn right! A bacon bomb! Through kickstarter I had helped a new company called Hyacinth games getting their line of miniatures and their game to be a reality.

This was the packaged I recieved for helping out. Yes I do realize that I got 2 KICKSTARTER DRIFTER  CAPTAIN boxes. But there is a reason behind this.
The game of Wreck-age  is in the future. Think Mad Max and then take away all their vehicles. The earth has been destroyed due to war and pollution. The rich took of and settled in outer space leaving behind the poor, the criminals and the scum! What is left is a life trying to survive everyday, scavenge, barter and fight.

I love the miniatures! Not much of mold lines or flash so very little work in terms of prepping it. I have not yet finished these two, due to the cold! But I wanted to show my progres. Lovely details as the gun with holster on the inside of the shield. Note the timer on the bacon bomb (just black right now) More are in the pipeline and I have my eye on some of them already!

Now to the competition. I am putting the other blister of my KICKSTARTER DRIFTER CAPTAIN up as prize and there may be a bit extra goodies in the bag. People who have won the competitions I have held know of this. Yes I am looking at you Ray! Hehe...

All you need to do is to tell me who the following Heavy Metal stars are. These are some early photographs of them. Write their names to me as an email Should there be more that have the correct answers then I will have a draw out of a hat to see who the winner will be. 

 4 persons who have made quite an impact on heavy metal. And yes I still listen to their music. Well good luck to everybody. And please go check out WRECK AGE to see their range of miniatures. More are on their way. And a whole world of background stuff, roleplay and rules for tabletop gaming. Plus.....They are pretty cool guys behind all of this!!!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Whoa, cool minis! I love the bacon bomb. Great detail on these and you are making them look great. No clue on the rockers, though.

  2. Oh...I forgot to say that the competition will run for a week. So closing it on friday and announcing the winner saturday or sunday. 4th or 5th of August.

  3. Very nice looking miniatures there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. They look great Johnny. The third guy looks familar for some reason but I haven't a clue on the other three.

  5. Damn!! I know 3 of them, and can't think of the 3rd pics name, its on the tip of my tongue...........

  6. Entered with a series of educated guesses (as these photos are older than me...)

    Also - if 3 is who I think it is, he hasn't really changed, facially. Squint a bit at the picture.

  7. I can name them all, but it wouldn't be fair for me to enter :)