onsdag den 18. juli 2012

New shiny stuff

Had a bit of holiday together with the family. I do love my family and we had a great time! This however meant I did no work on the hospital. Not to fear though as I am back to working on it now.

And this came in the mail for me:

A bunch of henchmen with 3 differnt heads to chose from. These are from Crossover miniatures

And some heroes/villains however you like them. Again you get to choose from different heads.

I got these as I have helped out in getting it started through Kickstarter. This is Crossover miniatures homepage. Go have a look!

Gravesend keep on trucking! This I found in a supermarket and cost me about 5£

And this I found filled with candy for 2.5 £ Not sure how I will paint the container. My girlfriend suggested some form of goo with zombie parts in it.

We have had the talk about which movie zombies we like before so I will not go into that. But one of my alltime favorite zombie killers has to be Alice! Imagine what would happen if she turned zombie!!

 Looks like I am not the only one thinking just that!!! This is from Carter Reid`s webcomic The zombie nation 

I am a faithfull reader as he takes a different approach to the zombie comic and adds alot of immaturity, violence and good old fun to it. You should go take a look.

9 kommentarer:

  1. henchmaen look great, excellent find from a firm I knew nothing about.
    Vehicles look good too.

  2. I agree with Zabadak! And eytra heads are never a bad thing!

    And filling the truck with parts (or alive zombies) was my first idea, too. I would keep the transparent look.

  3. I hope you had a great holiday, Johnny. Nice to see you with so many cool new goodies.

  4. They are nice hmmm more Minions galore!

  5. Great stuff. I love the Milla pic.

  6. Nice miniatures. Love the idea for the candy truck.

  7. Nice one Johnny, hope the holiday was good and Yes Alice rocks....what would we do without her?