søndag den 4. september 2011

Where did the zombies go?

They will be back..... With a vengeance!! Hehe....  But I am not just a zombie fan. I do play other games.
Games that have my attention at the moment. There are still zombies to be made on my workbench, but this is some of the latest stuff on it at the moment:

This is from Warhammer 40.000. A conversion to make me a badass dreadnaught in my chaos army. This used to be a dreadknight for the Grey Knight space marines.

And something for my orks. I am currently starting some GORKAMORKA up in my club. Orks in small warbands battling each other. Good fun! Should have taken a pic of my new mob, oh well that will have to wait..

The game of Confrontation. They made some really beautifull miniatures. I am redoing my entire Dirz army. The company that made them has gone out of business sadly, although there are rumours that tell of somebody buying the casts for them and are in the process of getting it back. Not 100% sure on this, but it would be sweet. These guys up here can easily be incorporated into a game of zombie mutants. A bit in the lines of Resident evil.

And then there is real life on top of all this. I went to a wedding held in the traditions of the old gods beliefs. You know, Thor, Odin.... Well me and a mate decided to show up wearing kilts, not exactly traditional wear for that but it fitted timewise. Our ladies made their dresses themselves. A blast of a wedding!

Well the zombies will be back, they simply can not be held back! So have no worries out there, this blog will continue! Brains and guts! Bullets and girls! Stil surviving! Take care out there.....

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nice kilt!!! Where's your sporen?

  2. LOL nice kilt. Loving the Dreadnought. I always preferred the Dreadnought artwork from the Horus Heresy visions books

  3. There are some nice looking figures on display here... as well as a geezer in a kilt!

  4. Nice kilt my friend and did we go commando like a true scot?

  5. Only way to wear a kilt!!!!

    And I just bought more Confrontation miniatures at a bargain price. The store was going out of business sadly, but that gave a discount on all their miniatures 70% off!!! How could I ever resist that offer?!!!

  6. Shiny toy syndrome kicked in ...... ;)
    Nice Kilt btw, I might do a survivor in kilt with a tie and a ferocious pug by his side.... ;P