torsdag den 23. juni 2011


Oh yes......

Gravesend need better buildings. I already made some, but not finished. Foamcard and there they were....just white walls actually. Well I need to do something about that. I want my houses so you can move the zombies or whatever inside it as well. That means I have to do something about the interior , not all of them can be looted completely empty!

It will become a shop. Not just an ordinary shop. And already at least one of my followers here know what the shop will be..... And I am still not telling you.

I had to use Google maps to get some pictures of shopsigns from Gravesend, and took inspiration from one of them to use on this shop, as they had something in common. On top of that.... A piture needed to be downloaded and printet out from one of my followers own blog (When you see it you will know) and another picture needed to be found first, then downloaded and printet out. Very usefull information....right? Hehe...

Well I am almost ready, I got hold of some card interior from a friend that I could use for it. The floor needs another coat of paint, maybe some patches of blood. Keep a look out this sunday where I will reveal it all...

Yeah....I am a bit of a tease....I know hehe.....

7 kommentarer:

  1. Teasing ... teasing ..... WHO knows??? Sunday will be an interesting day!!!! ;P

  2. What is the answer to this mystery??? Is it a sock shop??

  3. Its not a noc shop is it ? hahaha

  4. Lol at The Extraordinarii's comment. Can't wait, you tease! :)

    I vote for a Zombie Shop ;)

  5. Johnny you are not a little tease... you are a BIG tease. Hmm, wait until Sunday. Now where have I heard that before?