lørdag den 25. juni 2011

Gravesend Segway Tours

"Proudly welcomes you! Take the scenic tour, visit the....Oh damn...theres is another zombie! "

With help from my girlfriend who made the logo and resized the photos used here, the Gravesend Segway Tours are now open for business! It was actually a fellow blogger Gnotta (Click on this link to go to his blog) who came up with the idea. Ray (Another fellow blogger, check his blog!) helped out as well. I had absolutely no idea about what there was worth seeing in Gravesend IRL.

The survivor is actually one that I made for a mate to use as his character in roleplaying game called Dark Heresy where I am the gamemaster. Building is made of foamcard. I think I need a bit more highlight on the red.

A bit closer so you can see the window. It is made from the plastic from blister packs. Cut with a sharp knife, and the cracks are just scratched in. REALLY easy to do and I will recommend it. Though you do have to be carefull with the knife when cutting. Leave it up to the zombies to bleed.

Barricade obviously did not work, hence the blood marks. As I look upon the pieces of wood I think I need to make small black dots on it to represent the nails holding them together. The paper interior is from a friend of mine. I thiiiink it is from Ebbles. The segway is from Gary Hunt (Check it out!).

Yes that is a laptop on the desk hehe... And a nice picture of the employee of the month. It does not say which month though..... I had a good time making this scenery, and you can be sure I will make more!!!
I know I said it would be posted Sunday, but I think you wouldn`t mind if it came up a day early....

How do you like it?

16 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely interior and love the sign on front.
    Employee of the month looks a little scary tho.

  2. I work with that shithead, he's going to need a segway just to get his big fat swollen head around.

  3. Johnny, that is just brilliant! I totally salute you! As I look at it, I can't help but chuckling. Fran's comments above makes it even funnier.

  4. Johnny, that's awesome. Nice use of the interior props too. The pic of Ray is great and fitting tribute. I do do hope they don't have segways where those guys work - I think I can guess where Fran might park one if they did :)

    But thinking of it, what a great way to do patrols!

  5. great job on the building great detail on it.

  6. Did someone mention my name??

  7. Lol!!! that is brilliant, well done Johnny!! And Fran's right, there's absolutely no chance I'm gonna be able to carry my big head around for at least 2 weeks!! Up your Fran!!!!

  8. Thanks guys. I thought it quite fitting hehe.
    Next house will likely be a kind of survivor house. The rough of it is made, still need details and painting so a lot of work still.

  9. In typical Johnny style the most central and iconic part is made by his girlfriend. What would he do without her?

    I looked closely but failed to see any fingerprients in the glue, what gives? How much help did you really get?

    Anyway, you've made something unique and thematic, considering your selection of models. I like it a lot, I'd say job well done. Seeing as it's Sunday, you may have a glass of whiskey!

  10. WHoooohooo! Whiskey!

    Ofcourse there were no fingerprints in the glue!!!

    (I did not use my nemesis....superglue)

  11. Very well done, love the interior!

    The laptop is delicious! :D

  12. I knew it!!!! Wooohooo!!!! :D
    Great work Johnny, looking forward your next creation...

  13. Great stuff. Really gave me a laugh.

    I'm also a little jealous that your girlfriend actually helps you doing your nerd stuff. ;)