mandag den 2. maj 2011

The world has come undone our games it has!!! I am turning the spotlight towards a company called Ramshackle Games located in Nottingham UK. Owner, maker and good friend of mine Curtis makes these models mostly in resin.

As you may notice most are best used in a post apocalyptic setting. However, most bits and models do well in zombie scenarioes. My last post had several of his stuff in it. And the way I see it, if the world is being run over with zeds, it will not take long before we have ghost towns, derelict buildings and ramshackle vehicles crewed by outlaw gangs!

I am currently working on these casualty tokens. I will have them representing things like ammo, guns or medical supplies.

Everuthing can be bought seperately, if you only need some tires or the driver cabin of a truck. And most of these bits are great for terrain! I have not yet used it properly but am working on ideas for it. Some times he has some miscast items that he sells for a bargain price, random bits who have been rejected. These are great for terrain or if you do not mind it, most often they are quite useable.

 The options are endless, for those who play Warhammer 40k the bits are great. I have used on my Nurgle and on my orks. Just adding stuff here and there can really make a difference. A rhino dedicated to nurgle, now with mechanical legs and then it really is intimidating!!!

There is a whole host of models for use in post nuc games, but I see no problem in using these in zombie games as well. In the future, you can bet your brain there will be zombies as well!!!

This may sound as a sales speak, but I get no revenue or anything for this! I just really like the stuff. And I hope that you are able to find things that you can use in your games. I really should get on working on those industrial terrain pieces....

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  1. I've seen there before, good stuff and reasonable prices.

  2. And by the way: It is Lord Siwoc here, who has written the Ramshackle Game "Dunger Derby", using the cute little Dunger-critters, seen on the far left, in the third picture, from the top... An excellent game, with excellent miniatures in it!

  3. I like most of the stuff that Ramshackle Games produces and I agree, if you are looking for stuff to populate a post apocalyptic world then they ought to fill your needs very nicely. My one and only gripe with them is that their motorbikes are horrendously overscaled. A figure would need a stepladder to climb on or off them. It's a shame because they are really well sculpted.

  4. These look great. I had no idea theis company even existed. Thanks Siwoc

  5. Some stuff is a bit off scale, but when compared to Games Workshop and their scale...oh man....they keep getting bigger and bigger. No such thing as true scale there.

    @Brian, good to hear. They have a lot of pretty good stuff. I will post more of it here on my blog as I work it into the setting.