mandag den 25. april 2011

Zombie game

This sunday saw 2 good friends coming over for brunch. Pancakes, homemade buns, bacon, juice, tea, coffee, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs. Mmm....Yes I know I have mentioned bacon twice...but come on...bacon is good!!! Well on with the little story, as the girls began talking about their hobby stuff (pearls and beads, making it into jewelry) Rasmus and I retreated into my little gaming room. And made ready to face the oncoming zombie horde!!!

Again I used Akula`s arse rules with my modifications. A zed horde was present at the start and would count as a spawn point. Last I had too few zeds on the table, this time EACH time a black card was shown and the shambler zed got their turn, there would come a celeb zed and 6 of his mates. On a roll of 1 and 2 they would be joined by a tank zed as well. No chainsaws this time.

First picture is my team, the picture of Rasmus`s team was blurred, but there will come one later. Next pic is the first zombie celeb, Jacko in Thriller ofcourse!!! The cones mark the spawn point no. 4.

The adjustment with getting zeds quicker in worked better this time. They certaintly smelled fresh meat! Or bacon.... I would have gone for bacon...mmmmm bacon... Oh...where was I? Oh yes, the battle! As you see here Mr. Romero took a bodyguard with him, a tank zed. The model is KILLJOY from WYRD GAMES. And you will also spot spawnpoint 3.

Zombies have started to become a troublesome encounter. 2 tankzeds have joined in. The big fellow to the left is from CRONOPIA if I remeber correctly, had him for ages and only just now found use for him. He is the zombiehorde. Still work in progress with him, may take a decent pic when I have him finished. Oh and the fast one in the background is Rasmus!

Things were getting hot around the crew of Ras the slayer of zeds! He took down the tank zed and celebzed, only to attract the attention of the horde and a lot of other zeds! At this time he has already lost one of his members.

Not that I was rolling much better...zombie arrival? Sure...DOH!!! The reason there is a kind of fence made by lego is simple really. It is meant to keep the dice in, you can see the exit from my dicetower. I did not use it however when I had miniatures in there.

After some fantastic rolls for the zeds, Rasmus is considering a tactical withdrawal.

The boss will hold the zeds at bay while the crew get away. His boss actually managed to break away from combat and ran for the hills!!! Well for a building...but that was safe enough anyway. We stopped the game about here, and declared Rasmus the winner of this battle. He stood in a good position in the building, zombies only being able to come at him one at a time. It was a great game!!!! And I really need to make more buildings, and paint stripes on the roa....and get more zombies! I actually ran out!!! I was about to get swamped on two sides on the other side of the table!!! Still....good game...and bacon!!!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice looking game and it sounded like fun, good effort.

  2. If you cook and game they will always come, good game sir and as you know I am a fan of Akula's rules, keep it coming and adding to your hordes.

  3. You had me hooked at "hmmm, bacon!"

    Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all and it just goes to show, you can never have too many zeds!

  4. I think it was the pancakes that got me. Great game. Love the Tank Zeds. Might have to try something along those lines myself.