søndag den 15. maj 2011

Where the f##k am I?!

My zombie project has progressed well. Well within the goals I had set myself. Modern zombies and survivors have been painted up and loads more in the pipeline. Found likeminded gamers whom have given ideas and supoort. And my own little corner of zombietown has begun...

One battle have already been played in it. Other battles were at my local club, therefore not placed in my city/town. (Where is the difference from calling it a city instead of a town? Oh back on topic!) I still have a lot of plans for it. Garbagebins, more buildings, stripes on the road and other bits like that.

Yet now I feel it needs a proper name. Not satisfied anymore with just Zedtown as it had to have had a name before the infestation. So I thought a competititon were in good order!!! Please....not a new "Smallville"!! But write your suggestion in the comments below along with why you have chosen that name. I want a reason behind it. Not just "ZOMBIEZITY LULZ!" I had my thoughts on this name as the irony in calling a zombie infested city for Paradise city was great.

So what is in it for you? Besides helping a fellow gamer and being able to put your mark here....
How about a little prize like this;
Casualty markers and hoverboard from Ramshackle games
Segway from Gary Hunt
Firehydrants from Fenris Games

So in summary, place your suggestion for a name for the Town/City along with the reason behind it in the comments below. I will let this run until the 28th of May giving me time to make a citysign and revealing it on the 30th of May.

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  1. How about Kamloops, the default city name from Rebuild, a zombie game on Kongregate.

    Another name could be Revenant. It means undead, but especially something that comes back again and again, like a zombie. ;);)

    From Foxfax who is a lazy git and do not want to make another account just to be able to put a comment in my freaking blog ;-)

  2. My suggestion is Purgatory, because it's going to be Hell on earth in there!

    Say, if I come up with a better suggestion, can I enter again?

  3. I do not see why I should put a limit on the suggestions. So feel free...

  4. I'm gonna follow on from your G'n'R theme and suggest - Paradise Falls

  5. "Lost Angels" is a classic joke :D

  6. Well me and the Lurker above live in "Gravesend", I think that just about fits the bill!!!

  7. Tombstone - Arizona, Cochise County..
    According to 2006 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city was 1,569.
    Small town, lot of country and quite a few guns available around... The vbest place to pass your holidays... ;)