søndag den 22. maj 2011


That should get your attention plus getting me of the hook if some mom spots her 7 year old looking at some miniatures here. The "lovely" ladies that I present to you today are from Reaper Games. (The Sophie for this Reapercon really screams survivor material!) If you look closely you will notice these dancers to still carry dollar bills tucked into their thongs. Actually in one case a customer gave more than just a tip it seems, as she is holding his arm still!

Zombie strippers....they should be able to look after themselves. However I thought it appropiate if they had a manager. Now, what kind of debased being would fit this? No compassion or empathy....a nutcase by himself.. I think I have just the ..."man" for the job!!! Mr. Jingles from Spinespur.

I actually laughed the first time I saw this miniature! He is not quite done but I wanted to show him of anyway. Need a little smiley on the yellow kneepad there. And no....This will not be the figure representing me in games!!! (I do not smoke due to asthma) ;-) People with Coulrophobia will certaintly get their worst fears to come alive in this miniature!

This coming Tuesday will see me and a mate of mine playing our first ATZ game. Kim (my mate) will be joining me to battle the forces of the undead, and maybe each other... And it will take place in the quiet town of....Oh right...It still does not have a name! See my last blogentry to see what I am on about. There is a little prize to be won. And with this I will leave you with the traditionel family group shot.

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  1. These are all great figures! Nice paint jobs on all of them. I don't own any Reaper minis so it's nice to see fresh meat, or should I say, upcoming recruits for my own horde.

    I wish you the best of luck with you first scenario... wherever it may be.

  2. Zombie strippers, quality work sir.

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing how your first game went. Give us a battle report if you can.

  4. Eh eh, Nice job here... Looking forward to read about your first ATZ game... :)
    One question, I was thinking about buying this pack myself but, as you know, I've had terrible experiences with mold lines on the reaper minis... Did you had problems with those?

  5. I have the same question as Gnotta - How were the mold lines? Great minis.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! On these strippers there were a minimum of work due to mold lines. They got done with a hobbyblade. Although now I spot one of the girls have a mold line on top of her head! Almost invisible due to the hair. Dangit!

    Mr Jingles were easy. A bit on the bat, that was that!

    On another note, the game tomorrow will be at my club. I will try to see if I can work out a little battle report to you...if you behave!

  7. Damn..... My fellow gamer Kim got sick. Think he has....the virus!

    Well no game then. However....I will try to do a solo game. Having thought a bit more on the character process.

    And in other news....together with my lovely fiancee....we have chosen the name of the town, from those suggested by you guys!

    Would you like to know more?

  8. I must say Three things to you....
    1) About your friend, Double tap him! You never know....
    2) In my opinion, solo games are the real strenght of ATZ...
    3) OF COURSE YES!!!!! ;P

  9. I have to say, that I agree with every one of Gnotta's points.