søndag den 24. april 2016

Lucky find, good tip and a game.

So I took my Kings of war army (Very much a work in progress) out for a game in the club. I had no intention of taking pictures for the blog, but I took some and thought that I might as well use them. Against Morten W. and his RATKIN.  A smashing victory for The Basilean army.

 As mentioned...Really a work in progress. But they looked like what they should represent. I need to remember I am a good guy in this army, and use HEAL spell.
 Angels of the match. They smashed through everything! 4 units died due to the wrath of my angels. 1 weapon team, doomwheel. lightning cannon and a big unit of rats.
 This regiment of my paladins...Got eaten as the ratogres munched them in one turn! AUCH! And my troop of cavalry was wavered for 2 turns and then got smashed from their saddles by the ratogres.

Though I won the game there is still something for me to think about. Had a warmachine which managed to inflict ONE wound. Knights were utter wimps. And I pretty much wasted my paladins. Could I use the angels in another tactic then swoop down the side and working throgh that way? I might still need another game to figure out if this works.

 The good tip from me. Counters for WAVERING and DISORDERED. Made on left over MDF bases. Yellow on one side and red on the other. Easy to do, cheap and it will help in the game. There you go.

 See this? It is a roll of cork. Really usefull for making bases, especially multibases. I think it is used for putting under linoleum flooring. To make it a softer to walk on. Best part of this find...It was free! Should keep me supplied for some time....

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  1. Glad you took the photos of the game as I keep looking at "Kings Of War" and find your thoughts about the rules very interesting. The counters look good too :-)

  2. Nice looking game. Dude. Cork will come in very handy dude

  3. All good stuff and a great find to boot!