mandag den 12. oktober 2015

Spreading the Frostgrave bug and loot!

So my girlfriend got a bit interrested as I told a bit about Frostgrave. It seemed like an easy game to try...Which she then did! Last sunday I had made her a warband and we fought here at home. I came to the understanding that I did not have much fantasy terrain at home. Whenever I play fantasy it is at the club. Hmm...Need to remedy that soon.

 Her Cronomancer warband with 2 archers, 2 infantrymen, a thief, a thug and ofcourse her wizard and her aprentice. These are all made from Reaper bones miniatures.
 And my Necromancer warband as you saw in the last blogpost but without the dog. (I forgot it)

 She caught on pretty well, remember that she is not a gamer at all. It was a fun game even when she took out 2 of my guys with oneshot kills in one turn. I am not one of those that go soft on a player in a demogame. They need to feel how the game really works. No need to go soft here....

(Revenge will be mine!)

Post game saw her getting some scrolls and gold plus going up a level, closely to the second level. I need to make a warband just for us to game with here at home. 

Fun fact: I did not get to raise a zombie...NOT ONCE!!!

And tomorrow evening (Tuesday 13th) will see me doing demogame at the club. 2 hardy wizards have stepped up to the challenge with a third lurking in the shadows...He might be joining as well...


And now...A zombie...It is October after all!

 Now then....This Friday will be like pulling teeth. Yes....I need two gone...Really not looking forward to it....

10 kommentarer:

  1. You are selling me on this! BTW I remember those old warhammer pieces. Now I wish I still had my mordheim buildings!

  2. It doesn't help when I win some Frostgrave miniatures on a blog giveaway!

  3. Very cool to be able to play with your girl Johnny!
    I really like your zombie too.

  4. Hmm, sounds like you need to watch out for those archers. Maybe a good wall of fog would do the trick?

    Anyway, you call yourself a necromancer but cannot raise even a single zombie? It's back to wizarding school for you, I think!

  5. Interesting aar and what a bonus having your partner joining in ! I'm still not sold on Frostgrave but it does seem a lot of fun (even for losers)

  6. Beaten by a chronomancer!!! You should hang your head in shame. Just kidding, no worries about not raising any zombies. Raise Zombies are useful but not the best spell in the game. I mostly see them as loot carriers at the moment!

  7. Great looking game, this Frostgrave stuff is everywhere!!!

  8. Wow, beautiful minis and nice looking game!

  9. Beaten... by your girlfriend... who is not a gamer! :)

    That's the mark of a good rule set Johnny! When the concept it easy enough to get quickly so players can simply get on with the game. Awesome that you guys got the share the game together! Here's to plenty of medieval 'home' terrain! ...and revenge! :)