tirsdag den 10. marts 2015

Kickstarter...More stuff arriving!

This arrived the other day, I have not had the time to properly look at it. But from the first look of things....Lovely!!! I have backed Ramshackle before and they make great stuff.

This...Also happened. Reaper games BONES II arrived. The inner geek in me squeeled of joy. I actually did a speedpaint of 2 of the models. Each done in an evening.

So...That should keep me busy for a while....No need to buy other miniatures. I can get buy with what I have now........ RIIIIIIIGGGHHHHTT!!!

Wasteman! Thunderchild miniatures have a Kickstarter going right now which looks great to say the least! Cool models and seems to be a fun gameplay. I have some of his miniatures already. The unexploded bomb is a personal favorite. Quality of it is good. Easy to clean and prep. So yeah....I am on this bad boy as well!! Go check out the kickstarter by following this link here WASTEMAN

Now...This is a cool table set up. And you know what? This can be yours!! Few days left on the Kickstarter by Impudent mortal. LOADS of stuff!  Buildings, walkways, street scatter terrain.....You can select which building or buildings you want. Or just the crates and billboards. Or....Get the full table like me!  Go here to check it out!IMPUDENT MORTAL . I am reeeaally looking forward to this. It will be usefull in games of Batman the miniature game, Across the dead earth, Biosyndrome...Well you get the idea!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Nice one mate, you sure look like you will be busy for a while, the miniatures look great

  2. So, if we hear from you less frequently iin the near future, we know what you're up to !
    Nice haul LS, plenty to keep you going (at least for a while)
    I did take a close look at the Impudent Mortal kickstarter when it first appeared, but there was only the one building I thought usable in my own set-up (the warehouse !). I've seen much better (imo) mdf buildings elsewhere

  3. That's some serious haulage Johnny! Loads to paint.

  4. Hey, Johnny, my Reaper Bones II parcel also arrived today. I'd forgotten just how much stuff I'd ordered!
    Some of those Wasteman figures would work well as Cursed Earth Mutants and Perps in a Judge Dredd game.
    I like the look of the Impudent Mortal scenery items but the buildings are a big let down. Access to the interiors is a must for me. Sorry, mate.

  5. You will have an awesome looking table with all those buildings! The Bones figures look awesome so far.

    Its always nice to receive a ks package after the long wait. Looking forward to getting the Studio miniatures one next month all being well.