onsdag den 3. september 2014

ZOMBIES! Well....ofcourse....

From Mantic Games I recieved a good pile of zombies from their DEADZONE game. And now I finally got some time to put some together and slab some paint on them.  These are not straight out of the box since I have used Mantic Games fantasy zombie bits too, in order to make some more different models. Will be using parts from the ghouls as well. I am working with 3 batches of 10 zombies at the moment, the first ones being nearly finished. (Blue and yellow).

Pictures here was taken over 2 days. I just noticed the Deadzone Strider model in the back got a dab of paint too ;-) .

As some may notice, I do them in batches of 10. Several reasons for this.
1. It is just too big a task to start work on 50 models at once.
2. Best use of time. Paint on one batch, as it dries you can put paint on one of the other batches.
3. I do not want all of them to look the same, yet not too different. So a group of 10 will get uniform colours. Section 12D is Blue and yellow. Section 14C is black and yellow.

Note; These sections I mention are purely fictional and have no real reference to how I paint them. One batch may become blue and white. Green and black. And so forth...

I need to find time to play a zombie wargame. Could be the Deadzone using their soloplayer option with zombies. Stay tuned for more news ;-) In the first picture you may notice some shiny lead on the bottom left. Casualties for Deadzone. Need to paint them up too to have lying around. 

5 kommentarer:

  1. I could envisage using them in a Judge Dredd scenario. As for your corpse figures - you HAVE to have corpse figures in any game involving zombies.

  2. Impressive progress in increasing your horde. Mixing and matching parts from several ranges is a good idea too.

  3. Very useful and they are coming along nicely mate.

  4. Great stuff Johnny! You can never have too many zombies.

  5. Batches of 10 seems about right. If I try to paint too many figures at once then I find that it takes a long time for any to be completed and my interest wanes accordingly. It always feels good to finish some models :-) .