torsdag den 15. maj 2014

The awful truth about the being LORD SIWOC

The song to be played at your funeral!
This song holds a special place in my heart. Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford: Close my eyes forever.


In a movie of your life who would play you?

 Hands down....JOHNNY DEPP. A bit of madness yet with an edge of seriousness.

What is your favourite zombie film?
I have to say SHAUN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD 1985 share that title.
What is your favourite post-apocalypse non-zombie film?

Escape from New York.  With MAD MAX II on a close second.

The First record you bought?


And the last CD or download you made?

 How did you get introduced into gaming ?
Through the books where you are the hero. "If you want to go left, then turn to page 25. If you want to turn right, turn to page 5." And roleplaying MIDDLE EARTH ROLEPLAY, ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.

How did you get/pick the pseudonym "Lord Siwoc" ?

I was managing a Warhammer 40k campaign at my club. The planetary covernor seemed to be corrupt. His name was LORD SIWOC. Which was short for Such Is the Way Of Chaos. Took them some time to find out that chaos was behind it all hehe....

Which blogger would you most like to meet ?

A really hard question. There are several. I think I would go for Brummie/Simon. We have had a lot of talks about gaming,beta rules and miniatures.

Favourite RPG character you created/played as and why?
That has to be one of my first ones. A kendar thief by the name of Blink. Not a great fighter, he was afraid of magic, and heights, talk constantly about EVERYTHING and his distant cousins. Would suddenly end up with your weapon/gold/potions/rope because "you dropped it".

What is the last book you read/ are reading now?
Mechanicum from the Horus Heresy series set in the Warhammer 40k universe. I am about to start a roleplaying campaign where the players are Marines.
What is your favourite food?

Which project or activity would you most like to do, but keep putting off?
 My Praetorian Guard in Warhammer 40k. I keep doing a bit on them and then putting them back on the shelf. Sigh....
What's your biggest gaming regret?
Warmachine. I played Khador. After a run in with a cheater/rulebender at a tournament I lost the feel for it. Through great comboes you could win the game, but it was not fun. And with the addition of Hordes....It went downhill for me to find the fun. I have just traded some of my last Khador away and will get Necromunda miniatures for them.

Where did you get your first miniature?
Do you still have it? If yes is it painted or should be repainted?
A mate of mine got hold of some moulds and made some casts. I have others but I think this dwarf is amongst the first. I will not reapint it, it reminds me how it started ;-)

What's your favourite Zombie Game? :)
Zombiecide! Always a good laugh!!!!

Thank you to everybody who chipped in. I hope you like the answers, they have been as truthful as I could. This is the latest picture of me, giving a speech for my nephew. Not sure why it looks like I am turning.... I am not a zombie ! Yet.....

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