mandag den 10. marts 2014

On the painting table

And things to come!

Some may remeber I showed you this kit. About 6 months ago.... Sometimes I really do suffer from SMS. (Shiny Model Syndrome) as well as the dreaded BUTTERFLY syndrome. You know...You are doing something and suddenly "Ooooh a butterfly!" And you start doing something else. Sigh....

Now I finally got started on it. It is lying a bit on the side. My girlfriend Lone was actually the one pointing that out to me, as I was struggling finding a proper pose for it. I will make this an old wreck. So grass, leaves maybe a tree close by.

And these fellows arrived in the mail. Courtesy of Project Zeke  .As you see them I have done absolutely nothing to them. A bit of flash on the guns and the base. Small amount of mold lines. These cleaned up really well. I like the pose of them. Anatomy seems to be right. William on the left there is a bit buff, but I guess he has worked out. A one man company starting up, and it looks good so far. Proportions are nice and as mentioned, not much clean up to do. Go in a grab a bargain as they have 10% off at the moment. And keep watching as I will show them again as soon as they are painted.

Something we've heard from a lot of people recently is a concern that we're "under-pricing" our products, and that there cannot be any profit margin. Well, the second part is certainly true. Our prices are low during the Kickstarter as a way of thanking and rewarding our backers for getting in early and allowing us to create this game - there is no profit margin, every penny allows us to expand and create more for the game. The KS prices are absolutely limited to the Kickstarter backers, we will NOT be offering ANY of the pledge levels at the same price after the Kickstarter concludes, so if you're pondering waiting until the game goes on general release, remember it will cost you more! Get a bargain whilst you can! And remember, if we hit £8000, every pledge from Loyalist up is even MORE of a bargain, as we add a whole new Gang!

Talking about bargains eh? Go on and pledge! The game is great. Really love the fact that you get some cards to play ingame. It brings a bit of a chaos factor into the picture.  Without alot of fiddling in the rulebook! 

Oh ....And I have made dealings with Korea! (South not north) And there is a tank coming my way! 

 1:48 scale, so is my plane as a matter of fact. I think it will fit quite good into my post apocalyptic setting. Yes...It will be turned into a wreck! Just about £10 including postage. Hard to say no to that. Though I will be surprised if I have it within 3 weeks.

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  1. I love your crashed plane, Johnny, and I can't wait to see it painted. My project Zeke figures are almost finished so I'll be reviewing them soon. That Challenger tank is a great find and a damned good price to pay for it. Have fun wrecking it!

  2. Both the aircraft wreck and your tank will make interesting scenic additions to a set-up.

  3. I love the idea of the wrecks Johnny.

  4. Nice Plane wreck I was mooching for a cheap plain kit the weekend to do something similiar it will look great!

  5. The plane wreck is awesome. If you got problem with position it, I suggest you'd add some more dirt around it, as if it has dug itself in.

    Tank is a great find, and I need one just like that to even out the scale versus T-90!

  6. For a moment there I thought you were planning to allow one post-apocalyptic gang the use of a Challenger. That would have made it difficult for their opponents, I think!

    A wreck sounds like a much better idea :-) .

  7. Smart model, can't wait to see it on a table.

  8. Work faster. I want to see the finished product. I hate painting planes, but I'm going to have to steal your idea.

  9. The crashed plane looks superb Johnny, can't wait to see the progress