søndag den 23. februar 2014

Turning zombie....

My mother had her birthday yesterday, 70 years of age. I feel like a zombie today..... And my body will most likely hate me today and tomorrow. I am getting too old for this shit! 

And as we went home our taxi drove through an area stocked up with police officers as there had been a fight/shooting between Saturdarah and Hells Angels in Copenhagen. link to news clip 28 people got arrested. Reminds me that I need to make my bikergang. They could be useful in ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH .Soon to appear on Kickstarter. May I add...A sweet deal on the miniatures! I am credited with some words as J. Frandsen. (My real name)

Got some more buildings from WARGAME MODEL MODS . This time 3 storey buildings. They will undergo some conversion job as well. Part roofing, overgrown....

Have a nice sunday and click this link to YOUTUBE!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Happy birthday greetings to your mum! Shooting and the fighting sounds a bit scary mate. Stay safe.

    A Biker gang sound's like a great idea. I've gone for the name of 'the Razors' for my biker gang.

  2. A real life gang turf war, eh? Doesn't sound half as cool as the miniature one.

    I'm looking forward to the building. Here's a link I saw yesterday that might help you with inspiration:

  3. Lovely buildings and hope your Mom had a great day mate.

  4. It's never a dull moment with you is there ?
    Video was good btw

  5. Give my regards to your mum, Johnny.
    Your ruined buildings are coming along nicely.

  6. Those buildings look interesting, they will go on my long term wish list of stuff from across the pond...

    Sounds like your mom had an interesting birthday. Hopefully many more to come!

  7. Surely you can never be too old for your mother's birthday :-) !

  8. Birthday wishes to your mother. Those buildings are going to look great, can't wait to see!