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More from Gravesend!

"Hey Carl...Where the hell is Matt?" The two people hiding behind the car had both their weapons out, yet it seemed pretty quiet at the time. Simon checked both his guns to make sure the safety was off before answering. "I have no  idea where Mr. wannabe Rambo is Simon!" Simon could hardly suppress a little snigger.

Both were startled as a voice close by were heard. "If I was a zombie you would be dead!"  Leaning confident up at the wall Matt was wearing a big grin on his face.
"FOR FUCKS SAKE MATT! Stop sneaking up on us!" Simon clung on to his semiautomatic. Carl tipped his sunglases down a bit and said: "If you were a zombie...You would smell a bit nicer too!"

WELCOME BACK TO GRAVESEND! I hope you have missed it? Please welcome a little group of survivors. Johnny and Chloe will not be the only humans in or around Gravesend. Last Battle report you were introduced to some of the mebers of the two biker gangs. And those of you who have looked closely to one of the pictures from the highway battle report will notice another person from a faction....Which we will see more of today!

Mission for team one: 
1st Survive! 
2nd Get objective. 

Mission for team 2:
1st Get objective
2nd Get objective

Team 1 are:
Simon who has a semiautomatic rifle.
Carl who has 2 pistols.
Matt who has a compound bow.

All have knife as well.

Team 2 are:

"Guys....That black car was not there 2 days ago. I was through here!" Matt crouched down as he mostly whispered the warning to the others. True enough a big black car seemed to have been drivin into a building. The door for the driver stood partly open. "There is someone inside the car!"  Carl pushed his sunglasses back in place.

The silence over Gravesend was shattered by the sound of gunfire. Coming from the other side of the park. Whoever shot was not visible yet. Neither was who or what he was shooting at!

The gunfire was bound to bring the zombies out and the guys decided to stay hidden and see if they could spot whoever it was that was doing the shooting. As well as seeing if the zombies would come out close to them. First sign of zombies were spotted down by the truck. What looked to be 3 moaning meatbags. 

"I am checking that car out, cover me!" Matt raced over in the cover of the barricades and ducked behind the trash. Carl and Simon looked briefly at eachother. With a shrug Simon said "Well I was getting bored anyway." Then he too ran behind the barricades and knelt behind them, aiming with his gun resting.  Leaving Carl by the car. "Sigh...Here we go again!"

Meanwhile TEAM2 took out 2 more zombies and prepared to move out in search of their objective.

As Matt checked the car he was attacked by a zombie! Quick witts saved the day and the moaning zombie was taken care of. Briefly wondering why it was dressed in a fully white onepiece suit and gasmask he noticed the black briefcase on the floor. "Finders keepers, yoink."

Both Simon and Carl took some time to be sure they took down a zombie with each shot. They could hear other guns firing but still not been able to get a visual on them. And the noise was beginning to attract more and more zombies! 

"Get the hell back here! Inside! Untill we know what the hell is going on!" Carl was really not in the mood for this. Out of tea this morning, all they had to do was get some tea and get back! Now this!!

 Carl and Simon both made it into the house. Matt however had trouble with the zombies. Nothing he could not handle but it took some time. Time which TEAM2 used to get closer.  They went through the park setting up firelanes to cover them in the house as well as Matt. "Friends of yours Carl?"  Simon was reloading as he took a look outside and noticed two of the others behind the statues. "What the....?!" Carl lowered his guns in amazement. "They look...Like goverment agents!" Simon let out a little snigger. "Right Carl. They are after all behind this plague of zombies right?"

 Gunshots. And a scream of pain from Matt. They both watched as he went down. Down but not out. He quickly enough scrambled to his feet and ran for cover by the barricades, his left arm hanging limb. Soon after a flurry of shots made both Carl and Simon duck for cover. They did not get hit. "We need bigger damn guns!" This really was not Carl`s favorite day of the week.

 More and more zombies were coming, attracted by the gunfire. Matt tied a piece of cloth around his wound. The bullet had went through his arm. But his bow was still by the car. So was that briefcase now he noticed it. The shooter appeared from the park and ran for the car. No...Not the car, the briefcase. He scooped it up and took some shots on some zombies that were close. They were easily cut down as the other two inside the park added their fire.

Carl and Simon could not spot the ones who fired inside the park. Instead they cleared the way for Matt to reach them in the house. Soon...No sound but the moaning of zombies were to be heard from outside. "It would seem your agents have gone home again Carl." Simon had just finished putting a proper bandage on Matt. "And it seems we need to stay low for a while here guys. Too many meatbags outside now." 

The end for now.
A smal greeting to Bryan "Vampifan" can be seen as the poster in the house that our 3 "heroes" hide out in. Get well soon mate.

Thankfully none of the guys went out of action. Sure one took a bullet but he will recover soon enough. The names for them are pure fictional ofcourse ;-) . I hope you have enjoyed this little battlereport. It took me about 2 hours to play. I rolled a bit under average on most tests. So nothing really bad or really lucky happened. It was still fun to play though.

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  1. Looked and sounded good, a lot of new stuff appearing and happening?

  2. Hahaha, well done mate, well worth the wait! :D

    Where do I start?

    I really love the truck from Lead Legion, it is so cool I just can't get enough of it! :D

    I do believe names are all made up, because, if Matt would be anything like the guy I know, he'd insist on being called anything but Matt (it's a thing with all (what you could translate to) Matts here are...dodgy, so to say :P). Plus, whisper? Not a chance! Bow? Not with those crooked hands! But rambo wannabe, yup, that I'd buy! :D

    Looks like the g-men incursion worked out, really nice batrep!

    1. Cheers! Hehe..... Only fictonal....All of it...


  3. Good to see what's going on in Gravesend Zombieland, actually its very close to what goes on in the real Gravesend???

  4. Nice Batrep Johnny, Nice er names cough* Look forward to the next one. Those Government Agents look great dude.

    1. They are great models. Still unsure how to make their bases though.

  5. When I first saw the unusual-looking agents beside a blue police box, I immediately assumed that they were time travelers (and not from the government at all). Very mysterious - I wonder what's in the briefcase?

    1. NOT the doctor.

      And the contens of the briefcase are #CENSORED#

    2. At first I thought you wanted to say docotor isn't in the briefcase. Now I must make a briefcase filled with chopped doctors hue hue hue :D

  6. Can't wait for the next installment.

    1. I will take that as you liked this battle report

  7. That was one hell of a report ! I really enjoyed it, one of the best I ever read. Keep them coming :)


    1. Cheers, and I do plan on making some more of them! Nice to hear people are enjoying them.

  8. That was a very entertaining read, well worth the wait, with some nice surprises. The only downside of it all is that we have to now wait again for the next installment !

    1. True.... But do not fear! More are being planned!

  9. Haha nice one!! I hope we.. I mean they manage to make it out of there. Also, nice touch with the sunglasses :P it's totally something I would do lol.. Even though its not me.. ;)