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As promised a small recap on the action from the zombie wargame at my club. I used partly from Akula`s rules, a bit of ATZ and made some up as well. So I think it maybe best to start of with explaining what this is all about. And also if you want to try it out...Go ahead!

Take a deck of card and use:
5 red numbers
4 black numbers
3 Black royal (JQK)
1 joker

On a red card each survivor can do 2 actions.
Move up to 5"
Aim a weapon
Fire a weapon
Fight a zombie

On a black number the zombies can do this:
Move up to 3" AND attack a survivor

On a black royal the Tank zed can
Move up to 6" AND attack a survivor

On a joker the turn ends!

For more info on the weapons and close combat go here AKULA to get the rules.

I gave my 4 players  4 survivors each. 1 with a shotgun, one with a pistol, one with close combat weapon and one with a smg. (Next time I think I will let them choose their survivors themself).
5 spawn points were scattered about the ruins of our gaming table. At the start of a turn there would arrive 2d3 zombies from a spawn point. Randomly determined which one. Should I roll a 6, I would choose which one. When the Tank zed card was shown, he would make his move. Should he have been killed (he had 3 wounds) then this card would indate a new spawning. The game started with 1 tank zed and 2d6 zombies. (In this game 8 came around)

You can not shoot another survivor. That is untill turn 5 hehe... In hindsight leave this rule of. Do NOT shoot other survivors. Their mission was to kill as many zombies as they could and survive within a preset number of turns. We stopped our game by turn 8.

When you fire a weapon you get a noise counter at that spot. At the start of a new turn the noise counter may have attracted zombies. on a 4+ it would arrive for each counter. 1d6 inches in a random direction from the noise marker. (This may have to be 5+ instead)

My gamers rolled to see which table edge they each would arrive from. When it was a survivor turn they would dice of to see the order they would activate in. Dan, Kenn, Morten and William was ready to battle! So was I....And my zombie minions MWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

In the beginning it was all fun and games.......

Nothing to worry about........

Then the turn ended with the survivors only having 2 turns. And zombies started to appear.....

Here 2 of the survivor teams joined forces to take out a group of zombies. Dan choose to shoot into combat as one of Kenn`s men was fighting 2 zombies. Roll to hit and then roll to see who you hit. "1/3 of a chance I will hit your guy. No worries!" 2 shots were fired, first shot hits....Kenn! No damage though. 2nd shot hits....Kenn! And wounds him! "STOP HELPING ME!" was Kenn`s rather loud answer to this.

More zombies arrive due to shots having been fired. You can see one of the spawn points here as well. This is Mortens team about to get close to some zombie loving!

 Dan is in the black shirt, Kenn is still grumbling due to the "shooting accident"

At one time there were 42 zombies on the gaming table...And a Tank zed! All in all it was a fun game for everyone. And with some minor changes we may have a go at this again. These changes are the ones I wrote in the top as well. Letting them choose their survivors as one of them.

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  1. Cool game, I like the buildings on the table :)

  2. Lovely. Likes likes great fun :D

  3. The first rule of gaming - have fun! It looks like you scored on that point, Johnny.

  4. Sounds like a great game. Good job.

  5. LOL sounds like it fun by the spadefuls. Like your take on the rules!

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    "Stop helping me"- rofl.

  7. Awesome report, and very fun looking.
    Jealous of the group environment.

  8. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  9. great scenery, pretty apocalyptic!