lørdag den 19. maj 2012

Do you know your zombie movies?

Well we all love a good zombie movie. There has been some developement in this genre since Romero made his living dead movies. Although some diehard zombie fans refuse to put 28 days later into the mix of zombie movies, I for one will place it as such.
1. They work well in a horde and do not attack other infected.
2. You get infected by bite or through other wounds.
3. They hunt noninfected people.
4. They cause fear.

I myself have a deeper loving for shamblers. There are some menacing over this slow unstoppable horde that just do not relent! Sure it would scare the hell out of me to have some of those from 28 days later to run after me!!! But the good old brainless shamblers moaning everywhere is fantastic!

Time for a give away, if you think you know your way around the zombie movies. You will notice the pictures here are from movies. Name them in the order the pictures are and put your answers in the comment section below. Should more have the correct answers I will have a draw to find the winner. And what will the winner recieve? For now...This will remain a mystery. Are you up for a little challenge?

Hope you have a great weekend! I hope to do some gardening tomorrow, both here in Hellerup and in Gravesend!!

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  1. Hi, Johnny. I love zombie movies, so identifying these four movies was no great challenge.
    1 = 28 Days Later.
    2 = Day of the Dead (George Romero version).
    3 = La Horde.
    4 = Zombieland.
    Say, what's to stop other people copying my answers so that they end up being winners too?

    Of course, I could be entirely wrong with my answers!

    1. Did not hink that through.... It will most likely be down to a draw again.....

      Although...You could be mistaken on one of your answers mate ;-)

      Time will tell......

  2. Have fun in the garden!!! I only know 3 of the films!!!

  3. I agree with Bryan on all four. La Horde has man different names though depending on translation

  4. Johnny, assuming I am correct with my answers, I'm happy to drop out of the contest to give someone who hasn't won anything a chance. If they want to take a chance on copying my answers then the best of luck to them I say.

  5. Bryan already nailed them. No getting around that...

  6. I like the sheer ferocity of the 28DL zombies, although that does kind of set it up for an abundance of jump scares...

  7. At first glance these were my answers...
    1)28 days.
    2)I was like WTF ?!! too old school for me to know.
    3)La Horde.
    4)wasn't sure.
    congrats too Vampifan, your Zombie knowledge puts you at the top again, If a zombie outbreak occurs keep your mobile phone on you, I'm going to need the advice !

    1. You need to find this gem of a zombie movie and watch it mate!

  8. I think I will do another competition. This was not entirely thought all the way through.

    Although I will be giving Bryan a little something.

  9. I agree with Bryan/Vampifan, who would be brave enough not to ?

  10. 1. 28 Days Later
    2. Day of the Dead
    3. The Horde
    4. ZombieLand

  11. Btw bud.... Maybe next time also, remember to rename the pictures ;)

  12. Arghh!
    Why cant i post as my self, even though im signed in?
    Everytime i try to post in your blog im "unknown", but i am signed in..
    Kenn here btw....

  13. Hey bud!

    DOH! Only just realized that!!!!! Next time it will be corrected!!!