fredag den 4. maj 2012

Dear diary, we need bacon!

Well food in general. And we knew of this little store not that far away. Packing up and ready to go, We noticed the silence first, that was kind of weird. This was late afternoon, normally it was pretty busy at this time. It gave us a gloomy feeling.... Chloe decided to do something about it and walked straight up to the first shambling dead and whacked him in his head with the hockey stick!
"For one that hates sports you do have a nice swing on that!" She just smiled back at me and we got moving. Though it was clear to us right away, that this peace was not to last. Several zombies were making their way towards us and boxing us in. I shot one and we were able to get into the apartment complex.

"Get the fuck out assholes!" Now this is not the first time I have been greeted at gunpoint. But this was oh so fucking different! There was a guy all in black pointing a pistol at Chloe, he looked pretty much as a goth type. The guy standing in front of me, with his shotgun....Were hardly dressed! A bit of leather on one of his legs and the private parts. His hair up in a topknot. He actually looked more at home in a MAD MAX movie. I had my gun at his face, my other hand open and tried to talk this down.

"Easy big guy, we have enough trouble with the deadheads out there, no need for us to start shooting." At least it looked like he was thinking about it. But he had a stoneface on better than any poker player I have met. He was about to answer me as the silence was broken by a snort behind me! Chloe had her hands over her mouth and just couldt supress the giggle. "I told you that wearing a leather thong does not look cool on anybody else but Conan mate!" The goth guy said. And that was it! We all broke down laughing. It had been a long time since I had to sit down due to a laughing fit. It may have been the shock of what was going on around us that had found an outlet, but we all laughed untill tears streaked down our cheeks. As we got a grip on things again we could introduce eachother. Ross, the goth seemed like a great guy. He had been caught up in all this like the other of us. Big show, as he introduced himself as was actually enjoying this. And he felt his wardrobe quite free like this. I had a suspecion he might be eying my ass and not Chloe`s, but each to his own I guess. We decided to stick together.

They had some extra ammo so we loaded up and got out of there, only to be confronted by 4 zombies! I took one out with a headshot while another was blasted to a pulp by Big show`s shotgun. Chloe took of towards the shop as that way was clear. Ross took out another as suddenly Big show turned and shot through the window! "I could have sworn there was a zombie!" This is not a good time to get spoked by shadows! We all made it to the store and went inside, 2 zeds were quickly killed as I shot the first and Chloe swung her hockey stick right through the neck of the other. Time to stock up on stuff. Mmmm bacon! 

We needed a plan now, the deadheads were gathering outside by the dozen now! We agreed to take the other way around as we would face far less this way. Ross and I both shot a zed to clear the way, Chloe legged it and Big show hesitated. "Mate, haul ass!" Ross moved a bit to cower our retreat and missed with his shot. I fared no better as my shot went wide as well. I could have sworn that it looked like the zombie was ducking from the shot! To my horror I noticed Big show turning towards them and yelling "Come at me bro!" And several zombies actually did! Both Ross and Chloe ran towards the corned as I blasted a zombie of from Big show. Then he was dragged down! A big piece of his neck was ripped of by one of them and I turned away in disgust! I caught up with the others. "Big show?" Ross asked. I could only shake my head.. The last stretch towards the Winchester was free of zombies. One shambled towards of but was quickly disposed of. We got inside and got our breath. I reached for the whisky.... And a thought hit me... Where the hell was the bodies from the last zombies we killed? The streets were empty!

Again I seem to be able to gather a lot of the undead towards me. A double on activation meant that Big show was shooting at shadows, and generating 3 zombies. Damn! His failure at double move left him last, then came 2 turns with the zombies able to move and the survivors rolling 6 both times! They were on him and...Well as you have read by now, he went down.

So the group is bolstered by another survivor. Could have been doubled. We got the food and got back. This is the second game with this board, and a helluva lot of zombies. I am not so sure that The Winchester will be their safehouse. I need to find another place.

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  1. Heroes die first!

    Great read and love the pics effect, if I haven't said that yet :D

  2. Very cool narrative again. Two Survivors gained and one lost! Hey ho at least there is more bacon to go round

  3. You have to regard this mission as a success. It was all about going out and finding food supplies (hmmm, bacon!) and returning safely. Acquiring a new recruit was a bonus. Tough luck on Big Show but going round dressed like that he was bound to attract attention. Clearly the zombies fancied a piece of his ass!

  4. Good history, I like the pics effect too!

  5. Thanks guys, the pictures are courtesy of my own "Chloe".

    And yes I do take this mission as a success with added bonus of another survivor to the group.

    And I have bacon!!! True story... Will be doing a brunch tomorrow and there HAS to be bacon!

  6. Nice Zombie pics and batrep, keep the stories up, their fun to read.

  7. Great adventure LS and another success, bacon and boosted numbers !
    Love the write up and the final explanatory notes.

  8. Was looking forward to this and wasn't disappointed. Nice report.

  9. Just got a chance to thoroughly read this now, and it is fantastically done. I love the story, and can't wait to continue following it.

  10. Good BatRep, and very good photo too! :D

    Bad for Big Show, but you have the bacon, so what the matter? :P

  11. Again thanks guys, this is part of what makes it fun to do this blog.
    I am quite happy that you seem to like how I write the battle report. Believe me I have fun writing it like this.