lørdag den 4. februar 2012

A hammer and a knife

I really like to convert things. Not that I am the most talented in that field but I like the feeling that this is mine. A unique thing. Be it just a headswap, another weapon more armour on a vehichle...The list goes on. Sometimes it adds a bit more personality to a miniature.

Now this miniature started life as a DUROS SCOUT from STAR WARS collectibles. Prepaint and all. I got two of these from a friend that found them buttugly. Well...I saw a coming zombie. Thus I went to work with my knife and found some MANTIC  zombie bits to use.

So far this is what I got. Now to give the base a bit of sand and gravel and then to basecoat him. He kind of looks like a worker to me so I might try to paint him like that. I am sure somebody in Gravesend works...... Yes I am looking at you Ray! ;-) 

Now then....You take a diecast car of a Dodge charger. A cloth to wrap it in and a hammer. Sprinkle a bit of anger management on top and cackle manically to the point where your girlfriend will yell from the other room ;" What the fuck are you doing in there?!"

And here you have it. I think I will try to paint it like a burnt out wreck. "This baby is just for a bit of cover, nothing salvageable from this piece of junk mate!"


9 kommentarer:

  1. cool idea with the car. I just can't seem to find the right ones in size cheap enough.

    Nice work on the Star Wars figs. I need a more extensive bits box to be able to do thing like this.

    Looking forward to seeing him painted

  2. Neat work. Lord, I left you a link last week on a previous post that may be of assistance wit your hospital project, hpe it helps.

  3. Very nice. That conversion is a good one. That was a fun bit about smashing the car. Sounds therapeutic.

  4. @Brummie-A good bits box is invaluable!
    @Irqan-Just noticed it and I do believe I can use that! Thanks a lot mate!
    @Lucky Joe- Believe me it was VERY therapeutic!!!

  5. My dear friend, I'm proud of you.... Remember..... Convert... ALWAYS!!!! ;P

  6. Great conversion work!! from a Gravesend worker that's gotta be good!

  7. I like to see conversions. Nicely done on the Star Wars figure, Johnny. As for your car - it looks dead now!

  8. Nice figure conversion, simple and effective; the car will undoubtedly look great when done-up as a burned out wreck.