mandag den 13. februar 2012

200 zeds painted!

And counting... As mentioned in my last post this sunday I got together with some mates and had cake! Oh and we let our inner geeks come out. A trukk for Orks were manufactured, a jerk in a box was being converted, a sniper for Infinity  was being painted, Cthullu in two different forms and ofcourse my zed project! The following pictures were taken with my phone thus not very good. And I completely forgot to take any other pictures than these!

 Starting of with breakfast, bacon, cheese, coffe, juice.......
 Cupcakes of doom and sugarrush!
 The cake was not a lie!!!

Had planned for Heroquest but we never got round to setting it up. Next time.... Time flew buy so fast! But around good friends and when you are having fun, that is what is bound to happen! With the last zeds I painted here I got the mark over 200! That is quite a nice"milestone" to reach.

I have this week of from work. There may be more updates!!! And just to have a cliffhanger....Here is a shot of something I am working at right now. Can you guess what it will be?

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  1. We used to have these gatherings back in the day, I'd cook and we'd paint each others figures in turn....

  2. Well done pics........of said zeds?????

  3. 200 zeds, what an accomplishment. I agree with Brummie, lets see them!

  4. Tha cake seem good, and definitely not a lie :D

    Agree with Brummie, the zeds? :P

  5. Always leave them wanting for more! -)

    Not to worry....Pics will come of the horde!!

  6. Did someone mention Bacon???
    As Fran said, we used to get a hell of a lot of figures painted on our painting days, we really should start it up again!!! What does it say on the green cake?

  7. Man, you're making me feel hungry!

    Is the English translation of your green cake message "Cake Good?"

    200 zombies painted and no pics - that's just being cruel, Johnny!

  8. Cruel, cruel, cruel, having no piccies (even bad ones)of said Zeds !

    I'm guessung the mystery picture is the start of some markers.

    Sounds like you had a very productive and enjoyable weekend though (cake and death ?)

  9. 200! You have been busy. Nice cake.

  10. The cake roughly translates into : Parrot cake! Long story short he wanted to make a cake looking like a parrot!

    How about I show you some of the last zombies I have made? Plus a piece of scenery? The pictures will be up tomorrow!!!

    As usual with my scenery concerning my zombie project there will be a hint towards a fellow blogger!

  11. 200 Zombies. That's great. Looking forward to pics of the Zombies and the mysterious scenery.

  12. 200...Now that's a lot of zeds!


  13. THE CAKE IS A LIE! :) Well done sir!