søndag den 22. januar 2012

House of the de...Survivor!

I had this standing around for a long time before finally putting some paint on. And one thing led to another, a small order to Black Cat Bases and here we go. A small but suitable survivor house. Foamcard just like GRAVESEND SEGWAY TOURS is. I actually made the basis of these two at the same time. And as with that building....In this one is a refference to a fellow blogger. Guess who?

The survivor on top of the house will be the one representing me in battles. More on this later. He is not quite finished yet.

A little look around the house. Bit of bloodsplatters here and there. And zeds....

And welcome inside of it. Arcadegame, sofa, fridge and cats are all from Black Cat Bases. Looking at the pictures now, I realize I forgot a chair.... Oh well. Time to go shopping mate, bring a bat and a gun!!!

As you may have noticed....I reworked the blog a bit. New background went up on last blogpost. And now the lovely woman I share my bed with made me a new banner! How do you like it? I like how it turned out and since this blog has survived its 1st birthday I thought it fitting to update it a bit.

Out on the left you will notice I have put another page up. Stuff for sale. This will hopefully finance my next horde of zombies. 

Brummie is still waiting for his prize from me, it is being made as we speak! I will not tell what it is untill he has recieved it. Mwahahahaaah!!! Hrm!! Where was I? Oh right.... I do hope he likes it though ,but time will tell.

12 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice Johnny a great tribute to a great blogger as well. Very nicely detailed looks very realistic.

    The blog layout is nice.

    Love the survivor figure that sent is on my want list

  2. Lord Siwoc is a bit weird about the whole blog layout - in other words, it does not interest him one bit! BUT I do, yesterday I insisted that I changed the width of the blog, so the whole banner showed and not cut off the corners. I finally got my way, and spending 2 min. on it, it was fixed, aswell as link colors.

    I just noticed, that his background needs to be fixed, so it does not scrool with the blog.

    Oh YES, You are all lovely nerds in your own way . I am on my own a complete design nerd ha ha ha......

    Sorry, for this little input in Siwocs blogpost, but still waiting for him to allow me to fix that stupid background thing he he........ Let´s see how much time it takes!

    Regards Lone.

  3. @Johnny. Oh man, I am so honoured! The poster on the living room wall is a lovely touch. Vampifan would be so at home in that house!

    @Lone. All the changes you've made are for the better. I particularly like the new title banner. I'm a graphic designer myself, so design is important to me. It shouldn't take you too long to fix the background scrolling issue. Congrats on a job well done!

  4. The worst part is that she is right.... Now I have to listen to her all day because of you guys encouraging her!

    @Bryan, you are welcome mate. Did you notice the two cats? One playing on the floor and the other sitting on the beer.

  5. To be honest, I hadn't noticed them. I was too bust being distracted by the wall poster. I'm sure you know that I used to own two cats, so this is another great addition to your house. When can I move in?

  6. Love the new looks. Very nice. Great looking house with an especialy fine interior.

  7. Very nice, a great looking building, It looks like a real building in the real Gravesend High Street!! Minus the pic of Vampifan of course!! Nice new layout as well!!

  8. That's a great little house. Very interior. Cool to see the tribute to Vampifan. I also like the banner a lot. You're very fortunate to have such a talented partner.

  9. Yes, good stuff bro... the house keeping looks good (well done Lone) and the survivor house! what can I say, what an effort.... the arcade machine (I'm a massive fan, I own two machines), the beer, cats, the lounge, you should make this vampifan's place, and feature him in some of your games, hehehe :)

  10. @Fran, should there be more rubbish outside? I need to get hold of some trash cans.

    @Extra, you know....That was a cool idea. Only problem right now is that I do not own that miniature.

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

  11. Nice job, love the Vampifan poster! Awesome!