torsdag den 5. januar 2012

Happy birthday...SOON!

19th of January 2011 this blog went live. 
50 blogposts..... That is well above what I aimed for!
9748 hits in total as of the 31st of December 2011.
The blog have 63 followers.
My followers mostly use Firefox 44%
And they use Windows system 89%.
Most of them seem to be based in The United Kingdom.

Oh gods that was a bit dull to read.... Well the most important part is that this blog is still around! I still like to blog and my facination with zombie games have not deminished. The zombie blogger network is fantastic! And I thank you for your support! I would mention names but the list would be long. You know who you are!!!

Though there is a certain blogger that I would like to thank and give a pat on the shoulder if not a hug!
Bryan..... The man that hides behind the blog of Vampifans world of the undead . A blog that started because of his love of vampires, now the zombies have almost taken over. Brilliant in depth battle reports with good pictures to back it up. Reviews of zombie miniatures and survivors too.  And most important of all; he supports and encourages other bloggers and gamers to keep going and I do believe he is the main reason I wanted to do a blog as well!!!! It is his fault so blame him!!! If that was not enough.... He showed of some HORRORCLIX conversions he made. I mentioned it was a great idea and would try to find them myself. "No worries, pay the P&P and you can get some of my spares that are just lying around." Erm....Come again? You serious? Ofcourse I said yes! I made sure there was a bit extra to pay for a pint as well!!! Thank you Bryan!!!

 How many zombies now?
Well I just did a count, not all of these are entirely finished. And some actually need a new paintjob but they work. Or their bases. Eyes....A bit of clothing. But still. The unpainted lead mountain has not been shown in the pictures below. These zeds come to a total of 170 bodies! I still have minis from Games workshop (old metal), cold war, Victory force minis lying in my TODO box. The ones pictured are from; GAMES WORKSHOP, VICTORY FORCE MINIATURES, ZOMBIESMITH, REAPER, COLD WAR, STUDIO MINIATURES, CRONOPHIA, WYRD, HORRORCLIX, HASSLEFREE.

I have tried to encourage other bloggers out there as well, believe me when I say I read a lot of them but do not comment as much as I want to. Some times the things I would say have already been said. And I find "What he said above." a bit...Well with no feelings. I have indeed found a lot of inspiration from other blogs. Gnotta from Chez Gnotta and Zerloon from Zerloons place is responsible for me currently working on a hospital for my zombie gaming!

And this will be the name of the hospital!! And now to the competition:

Where is this picture from?
Send your answer by email to lordsiwocATgmailDOTcom.
I will randomly draw a winner from the correct entries. 
Remember to write both your real name and your blog name if you have one.
The winner will recieve a little box of goodies.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for keeping me doing this!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Have a good New Year my friend and I've given the contest a go!

  2. Quote from Stefanden who for reasons unknown is not able to post here

    "Did you ever notice, that you actually looked alot like RJ(in this picture), when you were the Zombashing captain of Svanekompagniet?"

    To that I can only answer THANK YOU! That was the exact look I was trying to do!

  3. That's a nice looking Zombie horde.

  4. Now you've made me blush, Johnny! Seriously though, many congratulations on making it this far and I hope you continue blogging for many a year. I always enjoy reading your blog because you never take the hobby too seriously and you know just how important it is to have fun. Having fun is what it's all about. If you can help others along the way, then that's a bonus. I know it's a bit early, but nevertheless, happy birthday to Brains and Guts!

  5. Nearly Happy Birthday and it was yourself that encouraged me to get my stuff painted and shown on my own blog!

    Your blog to also great especially with things like the brain cake

  6. Oh no!!! Not more dodgy Danish socks!!!!!!
    A very Happy nearly Birthday to you and your blog, if I win the comp, can I have bacon instead of socks pleeze!!!

  7. Brummie, I like the work my man does in here, but to mention the brain cake, as a special thing, only I can take credit for it......he he.....

    Oh, not the idea, but the cake itself, so thanx for mentioning it :)

    The best to all of You: Lone

  8. Ha! apart from using the window's system I go against all of your stats! ;-)

    I have entered your competition, but put a special request in on the minimal off chance that I should win.

  9. 170 already! Wow, you've been busy.

  10. Awesome horde and growing and Happy Birthday... almost! :)

  11. Only 3 to have entered the contest so far.

    No there will be no socks in this prize. And no bacon!

  12. Happy Anniversary of the blog. Also great little horde you have there. I believe my horde is about 130 or so (it may be more it may be less haven't done a check recently) for the undead, plus 2 Mantic Ghouls (that are used to represent Ragers), and one Chupacabra (got it after purchasing the Giving up the Goat ATZ scenario, even though the scenario you never meet or see the Chupacabra). Either way I think we both still have a ways to go to catch up with Bryan (Vampifan). Keep up the work, alwasy look forward to seeing what every one has to post.