fredag den 23. december 2011

Now is the season...

to spend time with your family and be grateful that you are alive. I love my family and feel blessed to have them. My thoughts go to relatives of mine who have passed away. Most notably my father. Rest easy big guy, you are still in my mind and in my heart.

Merry x-mas or happy hollidays whether you are christian, jew, muslim, hindu, atheist, pastafari or Khornate follower.  Remember this: ZOMBIES DO NOT DISCRIMINATE!

For me christmas is more tradition than religion. And I do love this time of year that brings the family together. This month however is also one of the most stressfull for me. My girl turning 40 and aranging the party. Selling a whole lot of presents at work, long hours but it is apreciated by my boss. (Thanks for the presents boss).  Despite stress it seems I so far have survived and can enjoy some well earned time of and enjoy good food and the company of my family.

And to honour what I promised you earlier, I give you bad ass Santa and his zombie elves!!
(I must admit santa is not quite finished. Vambraces, necklace, beard....)

Seasonal greetings to you and your family! I wish you all the best, do stay safe out there!!!

Yours in gaming

Johnny / Lord Siwoc

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  1. Having lost my father this year, I echo your own sentiments, Johnny. Christmas is about being with your family and loved ones.

    Festive greetings to you and your family.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a good one :-)

  3. I lost my Mum 4 years ago, and feel the same. Have a great Christmas and a great New Year!!!


  4. I lost my father this year as well and so I feel your sorrow as I share it. It's all about family and enjoying the moments together we can. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  5. Merry Christmas, Johnny. Enjoy the holidays and the time with the family.

    Oh, and love your Bad Santa and his elves.

    Mikko / Dawn of the Lead

  6. Glædelig jul mate.... May you have a great 2012...
    (I hope google translator works well!! ;) )

  7. Have a nice holiday buddy!

  8. Have a terrific time. All the best merry Christmas!

  9. Merry christmas Johnny, and happy holidays

  10. Fantastic, a belated Happy Holidays!